Dead end

May 28, 2010
By anna-lynne1291 DIAMOND, Dracut, Massachusetts
anna-lynne1291 DIAMOND, Dracut, Massachusetts
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SEVAS TRA (Art Saves)

My ears itch, a faint humming moving through them.



A gray light reflects my short reality, and I am suddenly right there with Dave again. I can feel him there, can see him fingers laced through mine, but I still feel so...disconnected. As if he's a ghost, and only I can see him because I am dead too. I reach up to touch his dark, touseled hair, but I don't actually feel it running through my fingertips. I've never felt so...distant, yet so close.

"...needs more morphine..."

My eyes have shattered, along with my brain and my heart. I may never rest. Everything so unreachable; everything.

"...Dr. Rosin?...Dr. Rosin..."

The white light called my name. I remember it clearly. Dave...he was supposed to be there...He would've been there. Did I die? Have I died and gone to heaven already? Will I see God? Hah, I wonder what he thinks of me now. If he exists, that is. Only a few beers I swear. Dave was with Molly in bed...he was holding her...

I wonder if she knows about the baby. I wonder if he told her.

"...almost done..."


"...still out cold..."


I couldn't breathe. The final seconds of my life and I already knew. I couldn't breathe. My heart stopped racing, then stopped pumping. He would've been there. If it weren't for her....Molly...

The scene changed, flashing before my eyes, and all I saw was Molly in his naked arms, wrapped in white sheets; the only thing between their hormonal bodies. She was as exposed as him. As exposed as my heart, as I watched it fall out of my ribcage and crash into floorboards. My heart stopped that night. I felt it. This must be heaven.

"There is hope...."

"Oh Katelynne!..."

Yup, I'm almost positive this is heaven. I just have to wait for the angels to arrive.

My eyes went black again for a few seconds. Then a girl appeared, dressed in a beige gown and off white, feathery wings. I moved my lips but no sound emerged. I didn't expect them to look just like in the movies. But then I blinked and she faded away, and I was left to wonder if it was all just in my imagination.

"...we're gonna move her..."

"This one...?"


I couldn't turn away fast enough. Should've called home first. Shouldv'e waited but not for Dave, no definitly not for Dave.

Maybe heaven will be easier. Maybe in heaven, I can finally breathe freely.

"Her lungs! They're filling with air, on her own!"

Suddenly, I felt a deep tickle in my throat. I thought all illnesses were cured in heaven. Did they lie about that too?


Another soft hum, this one with a different tune. This tune, sounded vaguely familiar.

The author's comments:
Writing prompt: Girl in a coma.

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