1. Flies 9:45 a.m. Tuesday -Dr. Marinteza

May 25, 2010
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1. Flies 9:45 a.m. Tuesday
Dr. Marinteza

My light breathing is all I can hear in my dim office. My eyes softly gaze on the files of my patients, looking over them one by one. Something is wrong, but I don’t know what, not yet.
A groan of agitation came out of my lips, while I tilt my head back. My mind processes the possibilities on what could happen while I am here. Today is my eleventh day in this office where I have seen almost everything so far. The two other doctors from what I can read are hiding something, and I believe the wardens wife loves too many of the patients. From what I have only seen by accident in that guest house by accident, she shouldn’t even be around.
Something just does not connect.
Brushing my face softly with my right hand, I adjust my glasses on my face. My bright blue eyes somehow found themselves to narrow on one file that sticks out from the rest.
“Amanda” reads the name. I grasp the folder and sit back on my chair, laying the papers out in front of me. Police reports back to when she was ten in attempted murder to assault with a deadly weapon. One, however, stops the chain of reports. Murder. She was only thirteen years old. I shake my head slightly as my hair tries to fall from the bun I have placed it into. Pictures fall from the report and I push them back into the folder as quickly as they fell out which caused my very own heart to leap. By the time I rose my own eyes towards the doorway, Dr. Calibure was standing there, a quick chill sent through my own body. His pale blue eyes met mine. Mmm… something about him makes my skin crawl. It’s either his look or the mystery about him.

“Come, we have a new patient. Warden himself wants you to talk to her.” His voice sounded so dark and mysterious. As I put Amanda’s folder down I climbed off the chair, and without a question I moved behind him into the light, silent hallway.

Normally, I'm the kind of girl that doesn't show much emotion, but the silent hallway with Calibure caused fear to shoot through me. His movements were sharp, and he glanced back at me a few times to be sure I was keeping the same pace as he was. He was leading me to the wardens house, I know because he choose the east door. Out into the sunlight we went. I blinked my eyes a few times to adjust to the light. We swiftly moved forward into the wardens home and my eyes adjusted again.

A set of angry brown eyes locked onto my face. “Good afternoon Doctor Marinteza, you need to follow me.” Stern southern accent filled his mouth. Fear struck me suddenly, had I seen too much? Have I nosed my way into something I should have stayed away from?

I followed the warden into a room without windows. Lights came on and I saw her for the first time. Sitting cross legged on the floor whispering very quickly was a woman. Red hair flowed wildly from her head in wild locks of curls. She turned quiet and crained her head to face me. Brown eyes, light as honey, seemed full of fear and secrets.

“Go.” Draven, the warden said stiffly. “You get her to talk.” then he muttered something under his breath.

Then, I heard flies buzzing. I look and this woman was holding two flies in her hand.

Weird, I know...

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