The Taken

May 19, 2010
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Many people don’t believe in ghosts, but I have a strong belief in activity after life….when there is a purpose. You can choose to believe my story or not, but what happened in February of 1998 is complete evidence that ghosts may very well live among us.

One morning, I, on the cold streets of Albany, New York I decided it would be best to take a jog around the neighborhood. My mom had told me a day before that there had been disappearances of girls around my age in this area. Of course, being me, I would think nothing of it. So I jogged down a few blocks, nothing out of the ordinary, so I decided to keep going. It was sunny, very chilly, with a slight breeze, and only a few clouds in the sky. Everything was normal, but normal can mean many things.

I woke up in an old dorm looking building. I had no idea what time it was, how long I had been asleep, or how I had gotten here. I had one very strong feeling though, I had been taken. I got to my feet with difficulty, my legs were sore and my head had a pounding in it as if someone were taking a sledge hammer to it. I happened upon a mirror and saw that there were black and blue bruises all over my face, along with a scrape on my lower left cheek. Once I noticed it all I could think of was how much it stung, like pouring lemon juice on a paper cut, or getting salt underneath your fingernail. I knew I couldn’t do anything about it so I just ignored it for the time being. I felt a cool breeze flow right beside me. I thought “How can there be a breeze indoors? There are no windows, no air vents? How could this be?” I quickly ran to another section of the building just like you would if you were downstairs in your house at night and felt like something would pop out at you so you run to get under the covers.

I came across a sign that said Ourania Dorm. So, this was a dorm, but what did Ourania mean? Was it a foreign language, like Spanish, or Portuguese? Suddenly I heard my name being called in a very quiet, serene whisper. “Isabel…..Isabel…….” This was the sign that set me off the edge. I ran as fast as my legs would take me to the first door that I could find that led to the outside. I tried to wiggle the door knob but before I reached it I was knocked out again.

I awoke suddenly to the feeling someone’s hands were around my neck, they felt soft but firm. As soon as I sat upright quickly the feeling left me, but I saw a glimpse of a turquoise light gliding down the hallway quickly. I would usually scream and run if something to this extent had happened. But in less than two seconds I found myself sprinting down the hallway to catch up with the turquoise bulb of light. I was whisper yelling at it to “Come back! I wasn’t going to hurt it!” Finally it stopped, I was breathing heavily and sweat was beginning to form on my face. I hurriedly tried to think of the words to say to this bulb before it left me. All that came out in wisps of air were “What are you?” I wasn’t expecting an answer but soon I heard a heavenly tone call out to me “Are you the one who has put us all in danger?”

I was extremely confused on what she meant by this. Me? Put her in danger? She was the one who tried the strangle me! I told the thing, i wasn't sure if it was a her yet. I whispered softly "I was brought here with out my knowing. I believe I'm the one in danger. I fear I do not know what you are talking about. Please explain." The tone of voice coming from the light was like a ringing bell. "Have you not heard of the disapearences?" I nodded yes, without saying a word. " Well, I was the first. I ended up in that very room downstairs. A man around the age of 48, came to me in the next 8 ours of me being there. Soon after I was dead I saw another girl around my age, she came in, and sooner than later she was dead too. I have been wandering these halls for quite some time now looking for this horrid man. I only see him for a second and then he vanishes. The only description I have of him is that he has very messy black hair. I wish I had more to share with you, but I do have one more thing. If you want your life spaired, look for him. Before he finds you, kill him."

Shocked at these words, I immediately was very scared. The blue ball vanished quickly, atleast I knew it was a she. I had no idea where to start. My heart was racing, mind boggling, and my palms were sweating. I had never been this close to danger before in my life and all I knew was not to run for the doors, because I would get knocked out again. I had around 8 hours to fix what ever was happening. I heard a knock, I turned quickly and there right before my eyes was the man with the axe. I had faced danger as quickly as I had found out about it. Before I could say anything I turned to run. I turned down a narrow hallway and before I knew it I had reached the end. No where to turn, no where to run. The man with the axe was shady, and walked down the hallway towards me. I screamed "Wait! Before you kill me please know that if you let me free I will not say a word to anybody. " It was all I could think of, it sounded quite selfish considering all the other girls killed. The man finally spoke

" I will kill you because my daughter needs vengence."

"What do you mean sir?"

"Girls your age were horrid to my daughter. She was young, did nothin' to nobody. I have no idea why some girls like you would treat her in such a mean and hateful way. So I plan to kill every 17 year old girl in Albany, because they need to know what pain is."

I was silent for a few moments, breathing heavily. "Sir, I don't know what they did to your daughter, but I'm sure it was cruel. If you let me free, and free the souls you have ,murdered I will be sure to maked sure your daughter is avenged. No girl will treat anybody like that when I'm done with them, they won't be killed but they will feel emotional pain for what they have done."

The man walked closer to me, not stopping. I was breathing, and sweating even heavier than before. I guess my negotiation speech did not go as planned. But before I knew it, he had thrown his axe down and was hugging me, with tears filling his eyes. A sigh of relief came to me and i silently hugged him back with a smile forming on my face. I said "She will be remembered."

I remembered to remind people of his daughter's death. And with that my story ends, a happy ending but not with marriage or death, but with vengence.

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