The collector

May 18, 2010
By sgbergelt BRONZE, Irmo, South Carolina
sgbergelt BRONZE, Irmo, South Carolina
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She quickly backed up and ran into another room down the hall, feeling the old floor give way with every step she took. What was she going to do; he had heard her and she knew he was coming for her. Just as the thoughts were racing through her mind she felt something touch the nape of her neck; something so cold, so bony…something dead. She let out a whimper as she turned around; the lifeless eyes of a corpse staring back at her.
* * * * * * * *
Pulling all the damp, dust filled air into her lungs that she could hold, she screamed.

Stacy-Lynn rose out of bed groggily looking at the clock on the wall. D**n, she was late again; she jumped of the bed and dashed to the bathroom. With clothes flying, water running she began to get ready as she slammed her bright red front door she couldn’t recall if she had done the homework from the day before, she just remembered falling asleep on a stack of unfinished sheets of paper covered with letters and numbers. Her neon green Converse squeaked as she made her way to her vintage red mustang; what a good looking muscle machine, not to mention she had done the restoration work herself. She smiled like she always did when she thought about the money and elbow grease she and her dad had put into that beauty, it had taken weeks to get the rust stains off; but she didn’t mind. She stepped off the curb and behind the wheel. The hypnotic rumble of the car seemed to put her in a daze but only for a while until her eye caught the clock.
“I cannot keep daydreaming like this or I will miss all my classes”
Stacy-Lynn sped down the road ignoring all the speed signs telling her that she was going way over the speed limit. She pulled into the parking lot and threw the rumbling machine into park. She practically flew down the silent hall, feet barely touching the linoleum tiles, and headed straight for her math professor’s room. Of course, he was already going on about something she didn’t understand; she never could get math. She grabbed the handle of the door and slowly pushed it open. Everyone’s eyes were on her now. The professor’s eyes fixed on her, then she watched them roll and turn back to the board. Stacy-Lynn made her way to her seat as she mumbled under her breath. It was then that she noticed him, sitting there and staring at her with his shivering blue eyes and his dark mysterious hair that hung low over his eyes. His body was posed in such a position that made her stir. He watched her as she made her way to her seat. Feeling his eyes burn into her back she glanced back at him he gave a wink and smiled; such a smile that made her melt. She didn’t know why this stranger made such a big impression on her; he hadn’t even said a word to her…yet.

Stacy-Lynn moved through the halls and down the stairs, she felt like a robot. Suddenly she try to switch her books to her other hip and they slid down her side straight to the floor.
“Same s**t, different day,” she said under her breath but a little louder than she expected.
“Tell me about it,” she heard a methodic voice that came from above her. When she glanced up she saw the face of the handsome stranger.
“O…h…..oh….hi,” she stammered and immediately felt stupid for her stuttering. He kneeled down and began to help her pick up all her papers and books that were scattered across the stairs. He stuck out his hand to introduce himself.

“The name is Aiden, Aiden James to be exact,” he said smoothly.
She felt her body shake something, about her voice made her feel oddly strange inside.

“Nice to meet you Aiden James, I’m Stacy-Lynn,” she tried to say it as cool as possible.

“I know who you are,” he said with a smirk, a smirk that made her cock her head at him.

“How? Not to be rude or anything but I have never seen you in my entire life, trust me, I would remember you,” she said with a bit of a flirtatious tone.

“ How could I not know a beautiful girl like you,” he chirped.
Stacy-Lynn could feel her face grow hot. She smiled sweetly toward the handsome stranger and said,

“Well I have to be going, my parents are expecting me home for dinner, maybe we could get to know each other sometime,” she said looking deeply into his eyes.

“Baby I already know all about you,” he said in his lush voice as he kissed her hand and strode off into the distance.
All she could do was watch his body move and sway, he was so attractive, so mysterious, but how exactly did her know her when she never had seen him in her life…

Stacy-Lynn pushed her food around her plate; the corn, broccoli and roast just seemed to be a huge blur; all that came to her mind was...him. She asked if she could be excused and slowly pulled herself up the stairs. The next sound she heard was early the next morning, a rapid tapping; a knock coming from her front door.

“What the hell it is 8:30 am on a Saturday, who in the world could that be,” she mumbled into her pillow.
The knocking was consistent and annoying, so she finally decided to pull herself out of bed. She glided down the stairs, tripping on the last one and slamming right into the front door.

“Mother f,” she said but the knocking interrupted her curse.
Stacy-Lynn reached for the front door and ripped it open and gasped when she saw who was standing there.

“Hey beautiful, get ready, I have a surprise,” he said in that mesmerizing voice.

“Excuse me?” her voice came out in a confused tone. She cocked her head at this stranger, is he really here? I must be dreaming. She quickly rubbed her eyes and glanced back to the opening of the doorway. She must not be dreaming, d**n it she knows how bad she looks we she first wakes up in the morning. Oh God the thought of the her hair standing up on her head, the make-up smeared under her eyes made her want to back up, shut the door and go back to bed but Aiden’s speaking again interrupted Stacy-Lynn thoughts.

“So…what do you think, you up for an adventure with me?” Aiden said as he leaned up against the frame of her door.

“Ummm…do I have time to get ready?” what are you doing? Her mind screamed you don’t even know this guy and now your actually going to go somewhere.
His lips pulled into a sly grin, “Of course baby, I’d wait forever for you.”
Stacy-Lynn quickly ran upstairs to find clothes. What am I going to wear, she thought as you stared at the open closet. She pulled out a bright lime green summer dress she had purchased a few days earlier; looking into the mirror she had to admit it looked really good on her.
She quickly ran some mascara and eyeliner over her eyes then headed down the stairs towards Aiden. She smiled as soon as his face came into view.

“Right this way baby,” he said as with his hand out to her. She accepted and they walked out onto her porch and toward his car.

“No way, this is your car,” she said as Aiden’s beautiful 69’camaro came into view.
She smiled as she ran her hand down the side of his car. She felt him watching her; his eyes burning into her skin, the warm feeling of his eyes on her made her feel an intensity like no other. He opened the passenger side door and smirked as he said,

“ Your chariot awaits, baby.”
She smiled at Aiden, the handsome, mysterious, stranger; the strangers that she could not but help feel herself being magnetically pulled to. She slid into the passenger seat; the smell of leather filled her nose and made her relax. Aiden climbed behind the wheel, stuck his key in the ignition; the roar of the engine began to shake the car. She glanced over at him and smiled a slinky smile. He returned the favor by gunning it. They zoomed down the street she laid back into the bucket seats and let the rumble of the engine, the smell of leather and the wind in her put her to sleep.

She woke up to the sound of his voice announcing that they had reached their destination.

“We’re hereeee,” he said as he tucked her hair behind her ear. She pulled herself out of the car to see where exactly “here” was. She glanced around and saw a run-down house, but this run down house was on beautiful land. There was a lake right next to it and the grass was so green, there were wild flowers stretching down the embankment. She gasped and said,

“Wow? Where are we? T This is beautiful!” Aiden smiled and walked toward her, tucked her hair behind her ear and said,

“Oh you wait baby the best is yet to come…”
She didn’t know then why that statement made chills run down her back.
Stacy-Lynn stared up into the sky watching the clouds move and the stars twinkle. Aiden had left about 20 minutes ago to set up a surprise for her.
“It’s ready, come on miss Stacy-Lynn,” he said with a chirp. She smiled as his voice came out loud and clear through the midnight air. She picked herself up off the ground and walked toward the old Main Street shack. Stacy-Lynn crept into the door and around the corner.
“Where are you?” she said with a hint of nervousness. She walked around the corner and there he was standing there with an eerie smile on his face. She watched the sly look on his face turn evil. For the first time she was scared. She caught the gleam of the kitchen knife out of the corner of her eye.

“I’ve been waiting for you…”
She quickly backed up and ran into another room down the hall, feeling the old floor give way with every step she took. What was she going to do; he had heard her and she knew he was coming for her. Just as the thoughts were racing through her mind she felt something touch the nape of her neck; something so cold, so bony…. something dead. She let out a whimper as she turned around; the lifeless eyes of a corpse staring back at her; Through a trap door Aiden came out of the door behind her.

“Come on baby you’re the perfect edition to my collection” Aiden said with a howl. She turned around and gasped. Five set of lifeless eyes stared back at her. She yelped as Aiden rushed forward, she quickly reached for something shiny on the floor, a piece of glass from a broken mirror. Aiden went to lunge at her and Stacy-Anne slashed the fleshy part of his cheek and temple with the broken glass. Then rammed it into his lower stomach. She cried out as Aiden crumpled to the floor. Stacy-Anne ran as fast as she could without looking back for miles; then in the distance a big green dodge truck came into view.

Search for the “collector” continues
Young girl, 19 years of age disappeared after leaving with a man, who is yet to be indentified, on May 22nd, 2008.
An anonymous call came in June 15, 2009 a panicked women calling about bodies being buried in the floor at an abandoned Main Street home the call was ignored until local Real-estate agents complained about a horrific smell coming from the basement. Suspect was said to be driving a blue 69’ camaro, investigations continue, no arrests have followed.

Detective branch slammed the paper down, d**n reporters. This guy was slick, too slick, so anything printed in the paper will just allowed him to get rid of all the evidence. The car, the weapons, the DNA. D**n it. He had been trailing this guy for years and just when he gets close the guy moves and finds a new girl to add to his sadistic collection. The coffee that was once warm was now cold as ice. The deep, dark, black circles showed under the mans eyes. He was going to get this guy no matter how long it took, he just hoped it was sooner rather than later.

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