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May 17, 2010
Rhett’s neighbors, the Hadlins, were a very rich newly-wed couple. After losing his job as chief of police, Mr. Hadlin had to make the decision to downsize to a smaller house. Rhett, the “nocturnal wonder” has to find some way of tipping some one off about bad things going on in the Hadlins house, before its too late…
July 2, 2:08 am

When I turned over and looked at my clock this morning, it flashed 1:47 am. “Ugh” another night with only 3 hours of sleep. I’ve decided to keep this online blog about what is going on, and a way to occupy myself as the seconds, minutes, and hours slowly tick by until the whole world is moving again. I will not reveal my true identity in any of my posts, and furthermore, no personal information. That is, except for the fact that I SEE ALL.

“Ehh,” Rhett thought, “It’s a little bit creepy, but it will do.”

Having been diagnosed with sleep apnea when he was a mere seven years old, Rhett only slept 1-3 hours per night, and even 4 hours was a stretch. With nothing else to do with the remainder of the night, he started an online blog about his time, and his discoveries, at
July 3, 12:14 am

I woke this morning to the sound of a blue 1984 Porche pulling out of my neighbor’s driveway. Rusting tires outlined the almost flat tires, while navy blue paint peels were drowned in a cloud of black smoke as the car pulled out of the driveway. The sound of the 8 cylinder engine was deafening, and it sounded like it woke the whole neighborhood (But as usual, everyone was back asleep, except for of course, me). The weird thing about that Porche is, my neighbor’s dead son drove the same exact car…Watch your backs, but I won’t have to watch mine because, I SEE ALL.

42 subscribers, his website read. “Only,” he said aloud, “But I only need that one person to see…”
July 4, 8:09 pm

I’ve decided to do my post a little early this evening due to some conflicts later tonight. For this post, I present to you a challenge, and a question. First, Who am I? Am I that newspaper delivery boy who smiles at you every day? That local supermarket woman? A teacher? A boss? With these questions out there, I present my challenge upon you. Find out who I am and the people I’m talking about, and you are the winner. Of course there will be a prize for the winner, and of course there will be nothing for the losers. But isn’t that the fun of it? Seeing all those disappointed face and those broken spirits just makes me smile. The soul crushing curse of losing, sticks on them like roots of a tree. And I see all of those because, I SEE ALL.
Comment 1
You are one messed up person.

Comment 2
Oh my god. I figured it out. You are the man who gives my dog, Emily, a bath on Saturdays. Well I’ll just have you know that you are fired Mr. Funny pants! Goodbye.

“Haha,” Rhett thought, “Not even close.”

Rhett watched as the number of subscribers rise every hour. He always wondered what he could do to make more people see…
It was time, and he knew it deep down. It was time to go out into the world and get real life problems to present to his audience, to draw them closer in. This meant going out in the night to tell people about other people’s secret lives.

Dressed in all black, only a flashlight in his pocket, out he went. The darkness of the night made him feel instantly alone, like an orphaned child who just found out he has nobody to rely on. His heart raced with anticipation of the coming dangers. He went first to the Carson’s house, then the Ramboli’s, finally to the weirdest one of all, the Hadlins. The weird part is every single window, big or small, had a blind on it, every door was locked, and even the gate to the back was locked. Strange to this neighborhood since they hadn’t had a crime in over 10 years. Rhett put it off and continued his investigation, until he heard a faint scream coming from in the house. There was no way to get inside the house even if he had a sledge hammer and a jack hammer. “Wait,’ he thought to himself, “This is the house of the police officer who just moved here…”
July 5, 12:14 am
I am a nocturnal person. I do not sleep, and I hunt during night. My findings, I will now report to you.

My neighbor across the street is supposed to be on a diet, but sneaks into the refrigerator every night and eats cookies with ice cream.

New neighbor number 1 sleeps with sportscenter on and wakes every evening at 3 to go to work.

And last but far from least, the new neighbors across the street (let’s call them neighbors number 2) look way too happy to just have lost a job, and downsizing from the richest area of town to the middle class. Upon investigation, they keep every blind on every window shut during the night, where as nobody else in the neighborhood does. I will investigate more tomorrow night, but that means going on mission number 2.

Comment 1
NO! You can’t do that. You can’t put your life in danger for some one else! Don’t do it!

Comment 2
Please don’t go! We can figure out some way to help. Don’t do this you don’t have to.

Comment 3
We do what we have to, to survive. It is necessity of man to figure things out. The adrenaline kicks in, and everything from there is history.


Rhett went on living the rest of his life without anybody knowing that he was the “nocturnal wonder” people were talking about in the halls of school, and he couldn’t help but smiling every time some one mentioned it.

July 6, 1:02 am
Off I go now, to mission number 2. Wish me all the best, and hopefully all the worst too. Ponder that, and I will be back.
Rhett logged off of his computer and turned out the lights to his room. He felt, and dressed the exact same as the last mission he had taken. There was no turning back now, and out he went into the pitch dark night. Across the street and over 3 houses is where the Hadlins lived. Creeping ever so slowly on the new soft grass, Rhett heard nothing but his own breath, which by this point, was pretty fast paced. A black cat ran across not feet from his legs, stopping him dead in his tracks. “Not a good sign,” he whispered to the night.

As he neared closer he saw light showering down from one of the bottom windows. Creeping closer he could see a woman sitting on a red couch. The fear that was painted of her face was unmistakable. Yelling, arguing, the man looked as angry as nun in Sunday school. With only one light on, it was hard to see what was going on. A bat? Yes, it was a long wooden bat that the man was holding in his strong arm. The rest of the scene played out even closer in his eyes. Up, down, up, down, up, down went the bat until Rhett turned his head not being able to take any more of the cruelty. He pressed his face against the cool glass of the window knowing he couldn’t do anything but watch. A cold sweat ran down his forehead, and down the window’s glass. Horror, he later described it, is what he had just witnessed.
July 7
-no post-

July 8
-no post-

Comment 1
Hello? Where are you? I’m getting scared

Comment 2
You never have missed posts, let alone 2 in a row. Where are you?

“Knock, knock, knock”

“Yes who is it?”

“Uh hum,” Rhett cleared his throat, “It’s your neighbor, Rhett.”

“Oh. Be there in a minute,” replied Ms. Hadlin.

Not 20 seconds later, the big wooden door swung open to reveal a sight that was cruel to Rhett’s eyes. Black and blue bruises painted Ms. Hadlin’s face and neck. Her calm appearance seemed weird, like she had been in this situation before. Almost closing the door in his face, Rhett spoke up.

“I know what’s going on.”

“Excuse me?” Ms. Hadlin replied.

Rhett made a gesture to his face quickly returning his hand to its place when he saw her calm attitude turn to the same fear he had seen the night before. Ms. Hadlin yanked Rhett into the door and pushed him into a purple chair right inside the door.

“How do you know?” she said, her hands still grasping his neck collar.

“The other night,” Rhett replied, still choking.

A long silence and an exaggerated sigh from Ms. Hadlin was the only thing that needed to be said.

“You have to help me. I can’t go to the police. I have no one to tell. You gotta help me.”

“That’s why I’m here. I have a plan, and it’s sure to work.”

“Hmmm, ok speak.”

“The Carson’s who live across the street always leave their house at 8 o’clock in the morning almost simultaneously. Their spare key is under the watering hose. We hide out in their house during the day, and your husband won’t suspect anything because he will think you just left early for yoga, like you do every Thursday morning.”

“How is that going to help me one bit?”

“Just wait. Sometime during the day we sneak back into your house and plant this recording device in that flower pot over there (points in the direction of the mantle). When your husband comes home, you stand up to him and ask him why he ever hit you, and any other question that will make him sound guilty. I, while you are doing this, will trigger an alarm on another house in the neighborhood so your husband will be called to duty to go check it out. When he returns, both of us are gone, 10 miles to the FBI station, where I have set up a personal meeting with an inside source, before he can have time to realize what he has done.”

“Wow, that’s actually genius.”

“Again, that’s why I’m here.”
July 9, 12:57 am
One police officer arrested for abuse. Every one reading this right now has seen the stories in the news. Everyone has seen the pictures, and possibly heard the recording of the man confessing. But what you didn’t know is there is something else behind that whole story. The man who set the tape recorder, the man who triggered the house alarm, the man who even drove that woman to the FBI station, was not revealed. But here, now, I am revealing myself. It just goes to show, you can’t be the one that sees all, and see bad things going on. Sometimes you have to be the one who sees all, and takes action and DOES ALL. Therefore I am giving up this website and this blog. Hopefully you have enjoyed my nocturnal stories. It’s not just that I SEE ALL, its also that I DO ALL.
Comment 1
You can’t give up this blog, because I may just have another situation where I need a wonder to help me out…

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