May 17, 2010
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“Run!” Taylor screamed suddenly jumping on to her bike. Fallon spun around to see a car driving strangely fast towards the four girls. This was not the first time this evening that Taylor, Fallon, Rachel, and Sydney had seen the black Chevy. As they raced towards whatever hiding place they could find, the stalking care sped up.

“The stairs!” Sydney pointed out. The four scurried as fast as their bikes and scooters could carry them until they reached their safety.

“Call your mom!” Rachel yelled at Sydney, out of breath. The girls paused as they watched headlights slowly move down the street ahead. A sigh of relief swept through, knowing they couldn’t be seen through the tennis court fences.

“My phone’s dead…” All eyes were suddenly on Sydney. This definitely wasn’t good…all the other phones were at the house.

“We’re gonna die!!!” Taylor cried, always being the negative one.

“Hey, chill out!” Fallon stated, “Look, he’s nowhere in sight now. Why don’t we make a run for it? The house is only three blocks away,” Being the bravest one, Fallon stood up and peaked around the school building corner. “Okay it’s clear, hurry!” She said, quickly grabbing her scooter. Rachel, Taylor and Sydney followed quickly behind her. Riding as fast as they could, the girls hurried through the first block…then the second…then…oh no. Headlights from the black Chevy spotted them. Screams echoed through the now black air.

“Ditch the bikes!” Rachel yelled, “We can jump the fence of one of these houses!” Panicking, all three girls obeyed orders. Bikes and scooters dropped to the concrete and the girls sprinted for the tall brown fence of a strangers house, then a second one leading to the alley.

“This is my backyard”, Sydney barely let out, trying to catch her breath. The gate clicked open and the girls entered the backyard.

“I am so glad that’s over!” Fallon said, collapsing onto the couch.

“Oh no. The bikes and scooters,” Taylor stated.

“Pshh. We can get those in the morning. I ain’t going back!” Sydney yelled as the girls walked into the house. Ding Dong! Heads shot towards the front door, then to each other. All four girls slowly stepped towards the door, scared out of their minds. Sydney’s parents weren’t home, so maybe this was them. Fallon peaked out of the window. What she saw two bikes, two scooters, and a black Chevy parked directly across the street.

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