One Day to Live

May 16, 2010
Frilla woke and completely was bewildered that her best friend had not called. It looked so light out but her watch read 5 a.m. so she got up. She made herself some eggs and went to get dressed and found that everything was gone in her room nothing was there. Her bed and dresser was there but no clothes or books, her precious precious books were missing.

Then she realized that she was not alone in her bedroom. She heard a distant breathing and it was in her... closet could the breathing air sound be coming from her closet. Her plain wooden closet that was normal and...and over a hundred years old. Oh god, I thought, this is doing all of this. That closet was the one thing that had saved her because she was the rightful decendant, she was the one who saved it from being burnt at her granmothers house when she had passed, she was its friend it knew more about her than her mom and stepdad did combined. Well more or less just her mom, Jake didn't really talk much especially to her. He was not a very talkative person, but when it came to mom he was as open as a book. He ould just ramble on and on about his life and his schools, but once she asked a question it was as if he had nothing to say. Frilla had always thought he had hated her and now she missed him and mom and Jared.

Jared was her boyfriend and she did not know what was happening to her or the whole world. She grabbed her pillow and picked it up and to her suprise her book and pen and her journal were still there. She turned it to a new page and wrote in her fancy writing:

Dear journal,

I have no idea what is happening and now I am scared. What if the world stays still like this what will happen to me and/or any others who are stuck like this. cold and alone with nothing to do or see. maybe I have died or am dieing. Is thei death is this what it feels like to be alone. All my life I have been alone at some point but not like this I could always just call someone or watch tv to pass the time. But not here in this between place. There is nothing but air and my thoughts that fill it.

"Hello, hello is any one here?" she yelled she thought she heard the wind reply," Noone is here."

Dear journal,

This place scares me and I am going to take a nap so I can not think about it. I hope it will not scare me as bad when I am asleep to be alone in a place where there is no life or things to do. Good-night journal, or at least I hope it will be.

I fell asleep as quickly as it had all started. It was almost five hours later that I heard the faint ringing of jingle bells. It was... was it... could it be. Yes my phone was ringing and it came from under my pillow as usual.

"Hello." I said when I picked it up. It responded as in a very helpless cry that sounded like my mothers. "Frilla, Frilla are you okay? Please speak to me. Frilla, Frilla, Frilla, Frilla, Frilla, Frilla, Frilla, Frilla. Frilla Marcina Courpez, or is it Puttinnii. I would not know you mother never yells at you at all. Is that right." He waited for me to answer.

Once I got up the courage to speak I said, "My mother only yelled when she was upset why do you wish to know? Who are you? Where am I? How did I get here? Why am I here?" I was sobbing and could say no more.

He never answered but instead I could feel the truth and answer flooding into my thoughts. I was doomed to this fate. I was doomed to die alone and afraid of the future in this box of the world. I got out my journal and wrote again.

Dear journal,

I now know that I Frilla Marcina Puttinnii-Courpez was doomed to die alone and afraid in a box-like world of white. I do not know why but I intend to find out as soon as I change. I wonder why but I feel relaxed at this. A vacation, that is what it feels like. A vacation from the act of living in the modern day world. I will tell you more of what I gather later, but now I search.

I got up and looked around. I got out my cell phone. It said unknown caller. "Hmmm. How peculier." I pressed call back. It rang twice then went to voice mail. "Please, oh please! Pick up." My wish was answered.

"Hello?!" It was the same male voice. "Who is this?"

"Its me Frilla. And I would like to get out of here NOW!" I demanded.

The man sounded surprised. "Who is this Frilla? Out of where?" He asked them suspiciously. "Hello? Hello, Frilla? Are you there?" He was screaming into the phone. But she had already started to hang up.

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thepreechyteenager said...
May 31, 2010 at 7:58 am

Ok, so first of all, I love her name.  Frilla is great.  I can never find just the right name for my characters, but Frilla sounds perfect for this girl.  Next, I love the journal entries, but I might add her signature or something at the end of each entry, to make it obvious she isn't writing anymore.  There are some more grammar mistakes in this piece, and I'd add more punctuation to your sentances, sometimes it feels like a sentence could use a dash or a comma or two.more »)

jayjay2015 replied...
May 31, 2010 at 9:58 am
Thank you so much!!! As a writer it means a lot to me! 
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