Phone Calls, Midnight Snacks and Ghost Girls (part 2)

May 18, 2010
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Or rather an outline of a girl. Scared half to death I turned around and said “What the hell”

I hate that ghosts give you no consideration. They just pop up and demand your help; the worst thing is that they’re not even nice about it. Except for Nick, he’s an exception. He died in my childhood home and has haunted it ever since. I have to admit I miss him now that I go to boarding school.

‘Hey my name is Lola”

Keeping my voice low so that Clarissa wouldn’t hear me I said “Yeah Lola what are you doing here?”

“I need you to do something for me.”

Now I was really annoyed, everyone needed my help.

Exasperated I asked ‘What do you need?”

“Can you give Clarissa this?”

She handed me a silver locket. This one was crafted from sterling silver and features a satin finish inlay with a textured border. The locket measured about ¾ inch in diameter and snaps open to reveal a space where a picture or other small treasure might be stored. A sculpted silver blade joins the locket to an 18 inch- silver rolo chain that fastens with a lobster claw clasp. It was very beautiful of course.

“Wait the Clarissa in the room?”

“Yes please just give it to her I’ll do the rest by myself” she was practically on her knees begging me.

And it just hit me like wow; I didn’t even know what to say. One thing was for sure though, I definitely could not go up to Clarissa and say “Yeah you know your roommate, yeah the dead one… well she just came up to me and…” You can just imagine how that conversation would turn out. I didn’t- couldn’t-tell anyone about my powers over the dead, not even my mom. I’ve seen enough movies to know that I’d probably end up in a room with padded walls if I did.

The only other person that knew I could speak to the dead was Father Dominic and he was priest for crying out loud. Then I remembered something.

“Hold on, what do you mean you’ll handle the rest by yourself?” but of course she was gone.

I returned to the bedroom and saw Clarissa sitting there staring off into space. I felt really bad for her. Last year when school started I remember always seeing Clarissa with another girl. That must have been Lola.

I sat down on the armchair with heavy thoughts. I was thinking about telling her about me being a medium and everything but I’d probably just end up giving her brain damage. I mean I couldn’t just all out tell her.

With the locket clutched in my hand I sat down next to her. “Hey Clarissa what was your roommates name?”

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