The attic

May 18, 2010
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There it was again. This was the fifth time this week he had seen the figure in the attic of the abandoned house next door. Surely it had to be someone sneaking in there after all the man didn’t believe in ghosts. But still the figure was haunting and it drove him crazy to know that there was someone in there.
He went to the phone and dialed the number for the local police station. The line rang several times before someone picked up.
“Hello what is your emergency?” The female operator asked.
“Um yes, I believe that someone has broken into the abandoned house next door.” He replied.
“Do you know if they are still in there?”
“Yea I just saw them right before I called.”
“OK, tell me your address and I’ll send someone over to check it out.”
“My address is 214 North Washington Street.”
“Ok thank you very much and someone will be over there soon.”
“Thanks.” He said before hanging up the phone.
He went back to his kitchen window and looked up at the house next door. Once again the figure passed the window. It was strange even though that window faced the sun there wasn’t enough light for him to see the figure clearly enough.
It was five minutes before the police arrived. It was two men and they came to his door and knocked. So he let them in they asked him a few questions and he showed them the window where he always saw the figure pass. And luckily for him to make his story much more believable the figure passed as they were looking at it.
The police then went to the house and began their search while the man sat down in the living room. Minutes went by as he watched TV. Eventually he got thirsty and went back into the kitchen to get a glass of water. As he filled a glass with water at the sink he couldn’t help but look in the house next door.
Through one of the large windows on the first floor he noticed something move. At first he thought it was the police but when he looked at the clock he realized that the police wouldn’t spend forty minutes looking for a person whose only crime was breaking into and abandoned house. As he looked closer he realized that this figure was dragging something and that this figure also somewhat resembled his figure.
For some reason he was worried. For some reason he wanted to go and ask the officers if everything was alright. And even if everything was all right and there was no reason for this primordial fear then he could at least find out why the police were still searching the house.
He walked over to the house. On his way he saw that the police car was still out front so that meant they were still here. When he got to the door he opened it up a little and stuck his head in.
“Hello. Officers? Are there any problems?” He asked.
No reply.

Strange, he thought. There really wasn’t any reason why they wouldn’t have heard him. Well I suppose they could be in the attic, he thought walking into the house.
It was strange being inside the house. He’d been in here many times while it had occupants but now it is just a discarded building. He couldn’t believe how much it had changed either. With the large amount of dust and mold combined with the lack of light, partially due to the fading sun, and the lack of furniture this place was so much weirder.
He walked straight on his way to the stairs. As he was walking he caught his shoe on a warped board and fell with a thump to the floor. The fall slightly knocked the breath out of him but what really took his breath away were the obvious blood marks on the floor from where something had been dragged. And even worse he had seen the dragging while it occurred.
He jumped up. “Officers?” He called. Still no answer. What was going on, he thought.
He went to the stairs and slowly step by step he paced his way up them. Now more than ever he was scared. He felt chills run up his spine as he went deeper into the house.
Then as he neared the top he got the deep feeling of someone watching you. He was reluctant to turn around. As he did for one fleeting second he could have sworn that he’d seen a child in a red dress at the bottom of the stairs. But as he looked he knew that there wasn’t anybody there.
Slowly he began his ascent back to the top. He didn’t want to be here the place was too haunting, too foreboding. But he pressed on he couldn’t help but feel concern for the officers and although there were obvious signs that something was going on he still felt obligated to offer any help.
When he stepped on the second floor everything seemed to change. Everything became dustier, moldier, more decayed, and most of all everything became much more terrifying. And one of the worst things was that there was absolutely no light in the house even though he knew the sun hadn’t yet gone down. He felt like he had stepped into the Silent Hill movie.
There was a noise like a metallic clank from a room just down the hall. He was scared but curiosity overwhelmed him. He walked, cautiously taking step after step until finally he came to the open door.
Inside was far beyond anything he had ever seen in any horror movie. Blood smeared the walls almost like it had oozed from them and dried as it slid down. The sink was filled with various kinds of bloody sharp knifes and was itself clearly stained by blood. The toilet had been broken and was also smeared with blood.
The worst part of the room though was the stand up shower. Inside was a man hanging from nearly twenty strands of barbwire. Each was wrapped around a specific body part, the arms, the legs, the neck, and his torso. And if it wasn’t for the police uniform he wouldn’t have even been recognizable.
The man backed away from the room. There was a laugh from beside him. He turned and looked. At the very end of the same hallway was the girl that he thought he had seen earlier. Her face though was hidden by shadows and in her hand was a teddy bears head. Then so casually she walked into the next room.
The man was paralyzed with fear but he knew he had to leave or else he would be the next person to be wrapped in barbwire. He ran to the stairs but instantly lost all hope. Sticking up from the steps were crooked rusty nails and wrapped around the railing was more barbed wire. There was no way out.
He ran into the farthest room from the room the girl had entered. Inside though the room was filled with blood stains and blood-stained pieces of rusted metal hanging from the ceiling it was nearly worse than the bathroom. What have I gotten myself into?
He turned and went back into the hallway. As he went to run down to the other end he saw a new figure crawl from one of the doorways. The whole figure was grotesquely misshapen but it could be recognized as once being human. Slowly it made its way towards him.
He turned and went back into the blood stained room. He looked desperately knowing that somewhere in the house there had to be a door to the attic. Then as he began to give up hope for finding it he recognized what he thought was a giant bloodstain as actually being a door.
He rushed over to it and jerked it open. Inside were stairs that could only lead to the attic. He ran up them nearly falling twice before reaching the top.
At the top he saw an accumulation of everything horror he’d ever seen. The sight was ghastly full of unspeakable tortures and crimes against humanity. And among all this stuff there were also macabre happenings that in the real world would be otherwise impossible.
The room was strewn with corpses mutilated in thousands of different variations of torture. And running down the walls was blood a never ending supply of blood. Nothing could compare to this sight nothing could compare to this moment. This was hell in the literal term.
He would’ve gone back downstairs but when he turned he saw the grotesque monster at the bottom of the stairs. I’m done for, there’s nowhere left to go. No longer with any shred of hope he walked back to the back of the attic ignoring the scene of devastation. When he reached the back corner he sat down and curled up in a ball.
He waited for a couple of minutes but the monster never came up. Then from the shadows of the other side of the room he once again saw the little girl in the red dress. She walked up to him stopping about five feet from him. He watched terrified as she stood there.
Slowly she lifted her head. Her hair fell from her face and for the first time he could see her face. It was beautiful for a child but her eyes weren’t human. Her eyes were filled with hate, abhorrence, and rancor. And they filled his mind with images of horror that no language could ever describe images far worse than those he had seen this night.
He felt cold moist hands on his back. He could hear the breath of some kind of creature in his ear. Then, with a scream, he was dragged into the darkness of the attic.

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Fredwardness said...
Jun. 1, 2010 at 6:18 pm
You did a nice job...I like this.
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