Selwa's Hero

May 20, 2010
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18 year old famous actress, Selwa Sakaya, clad in a simple pair of tight black jeans and white blouse that played down her attractive figure, stepped out of her limo and was escorted into Club 7 as the midnight breeze of Hadarabad calmed her breathe. “Key” was going to be performing tonight and had invited her to come, even though the place was packed, made her surprisingly, nervous. She was beginning to think he was developing a crush on her. After all they had spent evenings together doing one of his music videos. Her stomach squeezed with that lovely thought. She had been listening to his music for years and secretly adored him. Funny thing is, they were both really famous.

Meanwhile, a man named AJ snuck in through the back entrance of Club 7 by shooting the security guard and dogs with tranquilizer darts.

Selwa was easily able to surpass all the other teenagers, who upon recognizing her, screamed in excitement. She groaned. Her fans were one thing, but she didn’t want the paparazzi to intervene. Her, eyes, clad in Gucci sunglasses, adjusted to the flashing violet lights of the club and immediately traveled to the stage. It was empty, but all around it, young people were grinding to loud hip-hop music. Selwa had come alone, escorted by her body-guard, Mr. Sharma. But, before she could think, a flock of kids probably still in college approached her hesitantly. One, a tall gangly fellow, hid behind his girlfriend until she pushed him forward, snottily.
“Go! Raj”
He approached the famous star.
“Uhh.. Umm ..uh…can I please have your autograph?”
Selwa replied with a smile, “Sure.”
The autographs continued for another two hours.
Where is Key? Selwa was wondering the same question as everyone else in the club. She yawned.
“Excuse me.” she muttered.
Her body-guard finally spoke, “Madam, should we leave then?”
“No” she replied.
Not too far from where she was sitting she could here a young girl’s excited giggle.
“He never comes early.” she complained.
One more hour passed.

Suddenly, an explosion of cheers and clapping occurred. Big security guards held back the people closest to the stage and Selwa was ushered to the front. Selwa strolled in, self-assured and confident. He eyes scanned the crowd and rested on Selwa. He smiled. “This is for you, Selwa. Hope you like it.” The crowd screamed as Selwa blushed. Key sung one her favorite songs, “Rush”

“I get a rush from you
when you’re walking down the street
Other girls..
They just cannot compete
Something bout the way your hair
Your eyes
Your lips
I feel like moving through time
With you with you with you by my side..”

Repeat: “I get a rush from you..”

With the ending of the song, came the applause. The lights flickered on briefly. Mr. Sharma was dead, lying on the floor. Selwa was nowhere to be seen.

Raj, who had been screaming his lungs off a second ago, was now hyperventilating. He looked around at other people- for his girlfriend, but it was pitch black in the club. He felt like screaming, but his pounding heart told him not to. He was frozen in place. He wondered where the famous Selwa was. Everyone was still groping in the dark for the exit. He still couldn’t find his girlfriend. He reached in his pocket for his phone and dialed: Joe, one of his best buddies, but he got no service. S**t, he thought, there must be a bad guy in here.

AJ had messed with the cable wires on the roofs club, had effectively killed Mr. Sharma, captured the beautiful Selwa and now was on his way to finding “Key” but the door to Key’s green room was shut and there was no way in. AJ had only one sidekick, Scar.

Selwa squirmed, uncomfortably inside the van she had been tied into.
But using his pocket flash light and effectively picking the locked club‘s door, Raj was able to crawl outside, spot her by her auburn hair and undo the ropes. Quickly Raj ran to the nearest street corner and called the police.

Police: “Club 7, 221 Maple St. Emergency…”

Ten minutes later, the police came and surprised AJ and his pathetic sidekick. They rescued Key. Raj had been hero of the day. Selwa gave him a kiss on the cheek.

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