May 10, 2010
By writingchild SILVER, Auburn, Massachusetts
writingchild SILVER, Auburn, Massachusetts
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"For in a minute there are many days." (Romeo & Juliet)

I look at the man with such hatred. He looks at me and I still stare. I watch him. He wanted Mom and he got her. He will pay for it. He will wish he never did say I do. He is eating alone at a table, while I am eating with a friend of mine. I wait for her to come back from the bathroom.

"What are you staring at?" my friend asks.

"Nothing, just nothing," I say.

"Okay, whatever."

I keep staring at him. My friend, Abby, finishes her burger.

"Oh, look, it's your stepfather," Abby says.

I glare at her and then at him. "Yes, Abby, it's Stepfather," I say sourly.

Abby looks at her watch. "Oh, I have to go. I'll see you at school tomorrow."

"Yeah, okay, see you," I say, waving, but keeping my eyes on Stepfather.

He looks at me and comes over. "Why, hello Stepdaughter."

I glare at him. Oh, how I hate that name! "Yes, Stepfather, hello."

"You were staring at me earlier," he says.

"Oh, I was, sorry, I was looking at the sign above your head," I say.

"Oh, well did you have a nice dinner with your friend?"

"Yes Stepfather," I say. And you just ruined it, I thought.

"Why don't I drive you home; it's getting dark," he says.

"Why thank you! That is so nice of you," I say, keeping my snide comments to myself.

"Let's go then Stepdaughter," he says and rises from the table.

He puts his jacket on and we walk out. We climb into the car and start down the vacant road.

"I have to go to the bathroom Stepfather," I say.

"Well, we aren't going back."

"I can go in the woods. I really have to go."

"Okay," he says, pulling over. "Hurry up."

I climb out of the car and jump over the railing. I go down to the trees and pick up a decent rock.

"Stepfather!" I call. "I think there is an animal down here!"

He sighs and comes down to the trees. "There is nothing down here."

"Yeah there is," I say. "Look right there."

He leans in to look through the leaves. I lift the rock above as head and smash it down. I hear the crack of his skull.

"So long Stepfather," I say and drop the rock on the leaves.

I climb up and start walking home. I'm humming to myself when I hear footsteps behind me. I turn around and see Stepfather.

"I tried to be nice to you," he says.

I nod, wondering why he didn't die. One blow should've done it. That was a huge rock. I look around.

"Stepfather, a car is coming," I say, seeing we are in the middle of the road.

"No there isn't," he says but looks behind him anyway.

I trip him, sending him face-down on the road. I get another rock and smash it on his head. This time, I check for a pulse.

"Sweet dreams Stepfather," I say. "Next time, remember who you're dealing with."

The author's comments:
Well, this one shows a very exaggerated view of a girl who doesn't approve of her mother's new husband.

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