Blood of my life

May 9, 2010
The sky turns light blue
My fate turns black
I step oustide my house knowing I will never turn back
I take a step, My first step im un chained to my parents freedom, each step, footstep after footstep, faster at every step blink after blink, like im seeing the world around me for the first time all over again. The events that ocured earlier in the day, in the week shall and will scar me for life. A small comment lead to a argument that lead to fighting and that tragicly ended in a blood bath between brothers, sisters and spouses. I am only 14, I go by the name lilith Rose, my old name was Elizabeth Taylor May. It was my birhtday that turned horribly wrong. My siblings unwillingly, lost thier lifes from my parents argument. I had 3 brothers and 1 sister whom i love dearly. I was the lucky one who wasnt home at the time. I came home, I heard no noises coming from inside the apartment. I took my keys and opened the door. Blood was everywhere, I heard the police in front of the building. Under the adrenloen of the moment i took a bag full of clothes and food, took my keys, locked the door and left out the front of the building, And thats when i ran, away from who i once was, My old world, and my past.

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