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May 9, 2010
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Jenny Leighton glanced at the doorknob in the dark. She had sworn that she saw it turn. It couldn't have been her parents; they were asleep. It was defitnetly not her five-year old brother, Jacob. He had been asleep since 7 o' clock. Jenny looked at the clock on her night stand. It read 2:55 A.M.

Maybe I'm just imagining things, she thought. She had school the next day, and knew that she needed rest. Being a sixteen-year old sophmore in high school wasn't easy. She immediately fell asleep, hoping to dream about positive things. . . .

3:30 A.M.

Jenny walked through the long, narrow, dark passageway. It was so cold. The only light there was is an almost purple light coming in through a small window, which was inches behind her. She noticed something strange. Dark shadows, darker than this dark passageway, kept moving along the corridor at the end of the passage. She kept walking closer to the corridor, determined to find out what it was.

Then suddenly, one of the dark shadows came out of nowhere right in front of Jenny. She quickly turned around and started to run, but the damned thing kept following her, and eventually came to be in front of her again. Jenny suddenly noticed that the other shadows she had seen were all around her as well.

She tried to scream, but the one in front of her grabbed her throat and attempted to choke her. As the light from the window focused on it, Jenny saw that the thing grabbing her was a black shadow. But it was so dark, that it made Jenny so scared and so terrified. The others around her were laughing at her, mocking her fear. Suddenly she heard it speak:

"Your abilities don't make a difference. Your soul isn't any different than us. You have been living under the false pretense that you are some hero, you are nothing like us."

The voice was so familiar, but Jenny couln't remember it. What did the thing mean by "abilities"? As Jenny tried to move away from them, she felt a wave of dizziness. She glanced at all the evil souls around her, who were still mocking her. And then she remembered who the voice was. That b****** that once tried to hurt her family years ago. . . .

4:00 A.M.

Jenny awoke in her bed, feeling scared and confused. The sweat on her face felt like it was burning her skin. Then she remembered it: when he tried to kill Jacob almost three years ago, Jenny had to kill him. Her abilities helped her move the killer to another realm, into where dead people were. And now he's back for revenge.But Jenny was determined to protect her family again if she had to.

"He wants to come back into our world. Like hell," Jenny says.

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