Bleeding Violets

May 13, 2010
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Bleeding Violets

Violet trudged through the clean, white snow. She needed to get out of the house. Sure it was 2:00 in the morning but she didn’t care. The snow fell softly around her as she headed to the cemetery. Desolate and dark she headed to her sister’s grave to think. It had been 3 months since her sister had died, only 7 years old. It still felt like yesterday. Violet couldn’t get over losing her. Somehow, being here, made her feel calmer, safer even which was kind of ironic considering cemeteries were for the dead.
Halfway to the grave, she noticed a figure sitting silently on one of the benches. Why was someone in the cemetery right now? It bugged her. This was her place. This was where she came to calm down. Having someone intrude for whatever reason annoyed her. Veering off course, she headed to the gazebo that stood near the center of the cemetery. She sat down inside eyeing the person sitting on the bench. ‘I wonder if he’s dead?’ she thought.

Just then, he moved so whoever he was, he was obviously not dead. He rose from the bench kind of zombie like. ‘Maybe he’s sleep walking?’ it was a possible reason as to why anyone would come outside at 2:00 in the morning in the middle of winter to a cemetery, no less, like it was a walk down the street. Of course, she was there too. He seemed much taller on the bench and only when he got up did she see he was probably around her age. He came walking up to the gazebo and asked, “Are you sleepwalking?”

She almost laughed because this was what she was about to ask him as well. Quickly putting on a neutral face she replied, “No, are you?”

He laughed at this and replied, “Wouldn’t be having a conversation like this if I was now would I?”

“Guess not. What’re you doing here?”

“I come here to think. What’re you doing here? Kinda weird seeing a girl walking to a cemetery this late at night when it’s freezing cold outside.” He wondered.

“I could say the same for you ,you know. It’s not right for anyone to come out this late at night to a cemetery. But I don’t care. This is where I come to think too. How long have you come here? I’m not really used to seeing people when I want to come here and think.” She asked. She was still frustrated with some random guy being here when she wanted to be alone.

“Probably not as long as you. Didn’t know the place was taken or I would’ve found a different spot. Oh! My name’s Blake what’s yours?” he asked.

“Violet.” She answered curtly.

“Cool.” He smiled. “Are you ok? I can go if you want.”

She sighed. “Well you might as well stay since you’re here and no. I’m not ok.”

“What’s wrong? Can I help at all?” he asked concerned.

“You seem awfully nosy why do you want to know?” she asked defensively.

“Ok, sorry was just curious to see if I could help.”

“It’s ok.. I shouldn’t have snapped at you it’s just.. I’m having.. issues right now. She mumbled.

“Well if you don’t want to tell me that’s ok.. I’ll just go.”

“Ok I didn’t mean to act like a jerk. It’s just, my sister was killed 3 months ago by an insane murderer. He came into our house… blood all over his hair, dark face… I’ll never forget what he looked like. When I find him.. I’ll kill him! I come here to just reflect on.. everything. I dunno .. maybe I’m the one with issues”

“Ouch, that must suck, was the guy put in jail?”

“NO! that’s what makes me so mad! Every single day, I’m waiting for something to come in saying he’s dead or captured but nothing! It’s driving me insane. I want that guy gone. I don’t know how but he needs to be gone!” She yelled.

“They’ll find him. I’m sure of it no one can get away with that, they’ll meet justice soon.” He said smiling.

“I’m not even sure if the dude was human… he looked … morphed when I saw him.” She replied emotionlessly.

“I.. I’m sorry.. I really don’t know what to say about that.” He sighed. “Did you come here to see your sister’s grave?” he asked.

“Yeah, guess I feel better now. Want to come see where she’s sleeping?”

“Um sure I guess.” he stuttered.

The two of them walked out of the gazebo and headed for the northwest side of the cemetery, the place Violet knew oh so well. She came here nearly every night to talk to her baby sister. Her sister didn’t deserve death. It could’ve been avoided. And Violet kept beating herself up over it.
When they got there, her little sister’s grave was destroyed. The gravestone that read: Here lies Emily Madison. Great daughter, sister, and friend, was cracked down the center. The dirt was splayed everywhere and Emily’s coffin was broken open. The violets that Violet left every time she came here were crumpled and dead in the snow. Emily’s rotting corpse was splayed out of it at an angle as if someone was attempting to take her out of it.

“What’s happened????” Violet asked horrified. “This is my little sister!! When I find out who did this I’m going to make them pay!!!!!” She screamed. She broke down in tears looking at her baby sister, still in the pretty red dress she was buried in, still with her dark, red hair. Still with that cute smile. It was like a bad memory had come to life.

“Oh sorry dearie.” A sneering voice said from behind her.

Violet whirled around, face dead white and stared into the dark, dead, eyes of Blake. She watched as his body contorted, and stretched, while his hair shrank back into his head, and his skin became dark. “NO! You!” she screamed. This was the man who killed her sister. This was the man who ruined her life. And she had just told him how she felt about it all.

He smiled a grim smile and said “Not glad to see me? I told you I can help you with your problems just stay still sweetheart and I’ll let you join her.” He sneered savagely.

“The only way you can help me with my problems is if you give me a gun and start running so I can kill you in the worst way!” She replied violently.

“Tsk tsk now that wouldn’t be nice now would it?” Blake said heading towards Emily’s grave.

“What’d you do to her grave??” she asked in shock about his rapid change of appearance. “What are you?” she screamed.

“I’m a changling can’t you tell?” he said with spite “And your dear sister’s grave is broken because, unfortunately the last time I was with dear Emily, I was never able to cut her eye out. You see, I collect eyes from anyone I kill. Mementos, if you will, for the great times I had with them. I had to come get it of course. But when I saw a figure walking in the cemetery, I couldn’t just keep going on with what I was doing! ” He replied insanely.

“You jerk! I hope you die in hell!” She sobbed.

“ Now, you see, that’s not going to happen now that you’ve seen me I’m not letting you get away. You’ll just have to join your dear sister in her grave!” he yelled.

Violet’s face turned pale and her green eyes glazed over. Heart pounding, she started running in the opposite direction as fast as she could. Blake quickly caught up to her however and yanked her around the waste dragging her back to her sister’s grave. He whispered, “Now, now, if you would’ve stayed away I wouldn’t have had to kill you! You see, I’m only interested in little kids. So full of life! You know? You’ve matured way too much for me to enjoy killing you. No cries, no whimpering, the only thing you get from teenagers is defiance when you want to kill them. Oh well maybe not this time. Scream!” he yelled at her “maybe I’ll let you live.”

“I know you wouldn’t.” she cried “You have no soul, I won’t scream, what’s the point?” she started shaking and sobbing rivers as he dug his knife slightly into her throat.

“Oh come on! That’s no fun! Scream come on!” he yelled joyously. He dug his knife in deeper and Violet let loose a wail of pain. “Oh much better!” he cried. “Well, I’ve had my fun” he declared smiling and without another word, sliced Violet’s throat open. She fell to the ground, black hair splayed around her, and dyed the pure snow with blood.

Blake walked slowly up to Emily and stabbed her green eye out, putting it into a pouch in his trench coat. He then went to Violet and dropped a bouquet of dead violets into the snow next to her. “If only you would’ve stayed away.” He sighed. “Oh well.” He walked off into the darkness, changing into a little kid as he went, leaving the corpses there and the dead violets splayed in the snow.

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