Gregory's Hotel - Chapter 2

May 13, 2010
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* “Gregory, that child that just moved in is so adorable.” It was Catherine in the hospital room with Gregory. “My, Catherine, you certainly know quality when you see it. Hmhmhmhmmm.” he complimented. “Oh, I just got to get some of that blood…” she complained. “Now now Catherine, let’s not be hasty…” he said.

“Ohh, so lively and spirited. Your mother will be thrilled.” she said as she collected her biggest needle of the many other ones on a table “Indeed she will be. But remember Catherine, neither dead nor alive.” He warned. Catherine walked towards the patient’s bed. “Catherine, are you listening to me?” he asked. “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure this time there’s NO ESCAPE!!!” she yelled in agony as she raised her needle and stabbed it through the bed and into the ground.

Lightning struck outside. “Spirited…” Gregory said to himself. He was walking around by himself. “But how long will I be able to hid this secret from mama?” he asked. Lighting struck again. “AAAAAAAAAH!” Neko screamed from his room. Gregory slammed his door open.

“WON’T YOU BE QUIET?!?! he yelled. “I’m so hungry… (moan)…” Neko complained. “Oh dear, oh dear! CAN’T YOU JUST BE QUIET?!?! YOU’RE UPSETTING OUR GUESTS!!!” he yelled, and slammed the door behind him. “…I hope you can get out soon…” he said, and laid back down as the rain continued to pour.*

When I walked out of my room, I heard a voice echoing in the hallway. “Come…come to me…” it said. I followed the voice until I was at a door labeled “Shop of Fortunes”. I walked in and saw an empty room with dark-blue wall paper. It had little white dots on it, like stars. Suddenly, a huge cloud of white smoke appeared before me. When it cleared, a booth with a little old lady stood there with a crystal ball.

“Ahhh, a new guest.” she said. “Welcome to my shop. I can see into your future and uncover your fate. Please, allow me to see your future for free this once.” she said. Having no money, I took up her offer. The crystal ball started to glow. “Hmmm, I see…” she paused, and closely examined the crystal ball. “…I see guns and pain in your near future, yessss…” she said. She talked in a raspy voice. I asked how soon. “Ohhh, you can never know when your future will come. But it will be soon enough… (croak)…” she said.

“Ahhh, the image has faded. If you wish to pay me more, it may come back…” she said. I told her I didn’t have any money. “Well then, you may leave.” she told me. I left her shop, and I heard her voice echoing again. “Your future awaits you,” it said.

I walked back to Neko’s room, and he was there to greet me. “I heard you’ve met the fortune teller of the hotel. She came here for business a long time ago, and hasn’t left since then. She never tells a lie, but somehow her powers only work with money.”

“Now then, I need to tell you about the some of the guests. One of them is Senor Gunman.” he said. “Senor Gunman and his little sister, Janelle, were outlaws in the land of Cactus Land. They were wanted for several crimes, and being in so much trouble, they ran off, and checked into this hotel. Being how messed up this place is, Gregory easily allowed them to live hear.”

“Another guest is M.P. He and his son, M.K., have been suffering from eternal injuries. Most consist of sickness, aching, and huge headaches. I’ll let you see for yourself why they have headaches. They both came here for medical aid because no other place could help them. The cruelty of other places told them just to grin and bare it. Here, they get the best of Catherine’s care, even if it’s hardly any care at all.”

“There’s also little girl named Caroline. Her best friend was a little doll she named after herself, and she was her only friend. Sadly, her nasty parents threw out the little doll and never told her. Since then, she’s been looking for it, crying and moaning with each step. Caroline decided to come here because Gregory was so nice to her, and he lied that he’d find it for her. There’s one more thing that makes her a threat though. Sadly, I don’t know what it is. All I know is what I’ve heard from Gregory.”

“One last thing,” he said. “When you’re walking down the hallway, you’ll see a closet. There’s something in there I want you to have.” he told me. “Now, leave before Gregory comes back… (moan)…” and he laid back down. I left Neko’s room tried to find the closet.

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