Just Chilin

May 13, 2010
By Anonymous

Just Chilin

I just woke up, and I felt like time had passed me by, but for some reason I was ok with that. So I went into the living room, and took a seat in my comfortable leather chair, thinking that I slept until noon. I was hungry for lunch, so I made myself a sandwich. After playing video games for about three hours, I went into the living room to watch NFL Network. Right when I sat down, I heard someone knock on my door, so I had to get up, and open it.

So I opened the door and there were three guys in black suits. They told me that I owed them money, and I thought maybe, I wasn’t paying my taxes. They told me that I had to give them $30,000 dollars before they would leave. I saw one guy in front and two guys in the back, so I had the plan to punch the guy in the front and close and lock the door. So I waited for the right moment. I saw the guys in the back take step back, and I took advantage. I punched the guys in the front as hard as I could and closed the door. I ran through my large house all the way to the back door and got in my car to drive away. I wasn’t worried about them catching me because my car was a 2010 Ferrari 599. There was no way anyone was going to catch me.

As I drove I saw a white Cadillac Escalade behind me. I got to a stop sign, and the same three guys got out of the Cadillac and went up to my car. Well I couldn’t go anywhere because I was surrounded by cars on each side. These guys came up to my car and I rolled down my window. The guy I punched said,” You have a nice punch, but you still owe us $30,000 dollars,” and I said,” No I don’t, in fact you owe me money.” Your probably are thinking why did I say that, but I was trying to get into their heads. They looked at me like I was crazy, and I was. Every time they said I owed them money, I said the same thing back. I was just messing with their psyche, and it was working.
Well it turns out when I was in Vegas three years ago I made a bet with some guys for $30,000 dollars and forgot about it. I fled Vegas and tried to start a new life. I even changed my name hoping they wouldn’t find me, but I guess that didn’t work. I thought that they were going to kill me. Then right before I thought I was going to die, the light turned green and I was able to drive off. I had enough money to find a small apartment in Kansas City, home of the chiefs, my favorite football team ever. Well after moving to Kansas City, I changed my name to Alhad Akbar Mustafa.

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