Unsuspecting Victim

May 12, 2010
The music pumps all around, the speakers send waves running all throughout the crowded room. I feel them reach my body, vibrating through it, my hairs stand on end. Moving as if in slow motion my body moves, sways, dances to the beat as my eyes search the room. All around I know, that this feeling is shared with the many people all around. The air is thick and heavy, the heat and moisture clings to the faces all around. Where one body ends and another begins is the great mystery, a great tangled mess. As the lights flicker in great gleaming colors the people keep moving, letting go of themselves, feeling the music through every pore, every vain in the body. Every sense becomes heightened, lovers in tune with the rhythmic beat, with each other. Others in search of love scan the room, letting the music speak for them, letting their emotions surface and overflow, searching for the one to match in those feelings. Me I’m looking for a pretty face, a face, a body, my feast. My eyes dart around and the music thumps all around, I search, finding him. The total unsuspecting victim, he’ll never see it coming. They never do.

Following the hypnotic beats of the music, I make my way over. It took one second, and he was before me. Acceptance, his arms rap around my waist as the song changes, a new steady thump raging on. Our bodies immediately synchronize. One look in the eye is all it takes. I take the opportunity to peer into his dark brown eyes, into his heart. He’s perfect. He stares back into my eyes, not seeing the animal I really am. Only seeing what I want him to see, compelling him against his will to lean down, brush my cheeks with his warm strong hands, and press his lips against mine. One kiss, and his fate is sealed. The need for pleasure and temptation is over, its time for business. With one more look into his brown eyes, he follows absentmindedly outside, into the dark alley. I casually wrap my arms around his neck, not hesitating to plunge my fangs into the soft tissue, sending him into a frenzy. A wave of horror and pleasure, fear and ecstasy all in one. Then all consuming darkness. I place his body on the ground, his face peaceful and angelic, something mine will never be. The only evidence left behind are two soft specs, barely visible on the side of the neck. He shouldn’t have come here, but me, I was never here to begin with.

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melodeess said...
May 19, 2010 at 8:54 am
this is great, :]
sparkofheart said...
May 18, 2010 at 7:07 pm
wow the ending came out of nowhere. really good!!
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