halloween carnival

May 12, 2010
By , crystal lake, IL
Sage closed her eyes and looked back again to make sure she was just spacing out or something but Lauren still wasn’t there.
Hi my name is Lauren stile and I’m not afraid of anything let me tell you I was the girl in second grade that always picked up spiders and mostly any kind of bugs, and we did awards I got the award for most brave girl in the second grade and I got that award in third, fourth, fifth. I also love scary movies and I love haunted houses. Oh I forgot to say I’m in sixth grade right now. Then this one Halloween day I almost got scared of everything. Here let me tell you the whole story.
It was Halloween day Lauren was so excited about going to the carnival tonight at mallow beach because Halloween is her favorite she loves to dress up like something that she’s not. She is so excited about her costume that she is going to put it on right now she is tinker bell she already has on her green eye shadow and her hair up in a little bun just like how tinker bell wears hers ,she and also has a wand. She was supposed to go to her friends Sage’s at 1:00 but she could hardly wait so she went down stairs and grabbed the phone and called sage and asked if she could go over right now. She rushed down stairs to tell her mom that sage said she could go over right now. Her mom pulled out her blue jeep from the garage, Lauren hoped in the front seat. While they were driving to Sage’s her favorite song came on Britney spears sang the song she was singing it the whole way there Lauren loved knowing all the words to a song. Her mom pulled into sage’s driveway Lauren opened the door right away and said by to her mom and that she will call her later. Then she slammed it shut and ran up to sages door and rang the bell. Sage opened the door she had a pink ballerina outfit on with a very sparkly crown. When Lauren walked in sage asked her if she wants a snack and she said sure. They picked out to have cheese chex -mix that was Laurens favorite. Then after that they played beauty parlor they both tried to make them self’s look like Barbie dolls then they washed off the makeup. Then they both heard sage’s mom yell its time to go to the Halloween carnival girls they both had a race to see who could be down stairs the first they tied. They both went into the car and they were singing along to a Britney spears song her mom got to the carnival. They saw rides, clowns, haunted house, and a snack stand. There first goal was to ride every ride at the carnival the first one they picked was the boat, then the giant drop then all the other rides. Then sage wanted to go to the haunted house but Lauren didn’t want to go. But sage made her so they walked in there was a roller coaster but only room for one person in each seat. Sage sat in the front seat and Lauren sat right behind her it started going, it started off slow but then got really fast, and there was all these things popping out like spiders, ghosts, vampires and more. When it turned, there were about five clowns standing when they passed the clowns sage looked back at Lauren because she’s terrified of clowns but when she looked back Lauren wasn’t there sage closed her eyes and looked back again to make sure she was just spacing out or something but Lauren still wasn’t there. Sage screamed and said let me out until somebody heard her. The man stopped the ride and went to her but sage just ignored him . She got out of the rollercoaster cart and ran out of the haunted house. She ran up to a person at a snack stand and asked if the person could talk into there microphone and tell Lauren stile to report to the snack stand. It’s been ten minutes but no sign of Lauren. Sage called her mom and told her to come pick her up. Her mom picked her up sage and she went in the front seat. Sage told her everything that happened when they were in the haunted house. It’s been on the news everywhere girl disappeared from a haunted house at mallow beach. Everywhere sage looks she sees Lauren but she’s not really there. It’s been one year since sage hasn’t seen Lauren. Lauren was on the news that the clowns from the haunted house took her and hid her in the haunted house. The clowns went to jail and Lauren was confused but happy to be back with her family and friends. But then sage woke up and realized this was a dream she was all sweaty from being scared and worried she realized this was all a dream. Today is Halloween and today sage might be the one who won’t want to go in the haunted house.
But then I realized that I can be scared of anything cause let me tell you I was scared of my own dream and my mom told me that was a silly dream and that will never happen. But when we went to the carnival we had so much fun I didn’t even think of my dream the whole time we were there even when we were in the haunted house actually the haunted house was not scary at all, maybe I’m back to my normal self I think I’m not scared of anything.

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