Phone Calls, Midnight Snacks and Ghost Girls

May 11, 2010
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I really need to use the bathroom. It was late and I just came back from a party. I quickly fiddled with my keys. Putting it in the lock, I threw the door wide open. Quickly I ran into the bathroom and wasted no time using it. I was in the shower when the phone started to ring. Whatever I thought, I’ll get it later. When I got out the phone started ringing, again, I reached for the phone and was successful; I spoke into the receiver.


No one answered, but I knew someone was there, I heard a muffled giggle and then a scream. A terrifying screams maybe, I don’t know. It was 1 am and like most people I wasn’t at my sharpest.

“Hello,” I said, but again, no one answered, I hung up.

Stupid freshmen, I thought.

I saw my roommate, Victoria, sleeping and figured I should do the same. I was really tired.

The phone rang again. Who the heck was calling this late? I glanced at the clock, 2:26 it read. If it was some freshmen playing a prank, I don’t care who was involved, I would report it to the dean. But all thoughts of telling flew out of my mind when the answering machine clicked on.

“Come to me,” said a hoarse voice that sounded faintly familiar.

“I want your blood.”

I let out a horrid scream and was awake.

“What’s wrong with you, this is like the fourth time you woke me up this week. What going on, it’s just like last summer.”

Last summer. Just thinking about it gave me shivers. Last summer was the last time anyone of us saw Jamie smiling, heard her laughing, and watched her act out her childish pranks. Last summer Jamie went missing, and… it was me that predicted her kidnapping. I tried warning her not to go hiking; but they all looked at me like I was a freak.

“I know” I’ve been having so many nightmares, always waking up in cold sweat.

I sat there and thought about the one I had yesterday. About the girl that died in a closet.

“What could it be?” Victoria asked snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Do you think,” she lowers her voice “do you think the other side is trying to communicate with you again?”

Victoria is my roommate as well as my best friend. She is also an average teenage girl. Too average to carry the weight of what I know on her slender shoulders.

“I don’t, they’re probably nothing though.”

“Well you should wake me up in the morning and not in the middle of the night.” She says, smiling.

“Okay fine.”

I looked at the phone and noticed that there was that message from before. I listened to it and it was the same one that was in my dream. I didn’t know what to do. I am a medium, which means I can talk to the dead and help them onto the afterlife. Sort of like Woopi Goldberg in the movie Ghost. Only this isn’t a movie, its real life and here in reality some ghosts are dangerous.

I got off my bed, put the phone back on my nightstand, and went to the door. I slipped on my slippers and went downstairs to the main floor of my school, making sure I didn’t get caught by any of the security officers lurking around. Luckily I didn’t see any. I really needed a snack. I wasn’t like I had anything to eat at the party; I was too busy having fun.

I went to the vending machine and with a dollar bill I got a Three Musketeers bar.

As I was sneaking back up the stairs I glanced back and saw a black shadow. I had a feeling that someone (or something) was following me. I slowed down and tiptoed back to my room. I didn’t want to wake everyone up so I looked for my keys, only they weren’t there. The shadow I saw earlier had started to creep up the hallway. Crap. I started to bang on the door as loud as I could, but as usual Victoria didn’t hear me. Instead of Victoria opening up the door the girl across the hall did.

“What’s with all the racket?”

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

There was something familiar about the girl. Then suddenly it hit me.

“Wait Clarissa is that you?”

“Ummm... yes. Who are you?”

“I’m Susannah, don’t you remember? We went to kindergarten together.”

“Wait, Oh my god you’re the girl that kept crying whenever James knocked you’re blocks down.”

“Yah...” I said feeling a little mortified. How in the world did she remember?

“How in the world did you recognize me? I’m a freaking mess right! Not to mention I just woke up from the racket of you pounding on the door.Whats up?” Clarissa asked.

“I’m sooo sorry; I forgot my keys and couldn’t open the door. By the way did you happen to see anything weird around here?” Why in the world did I just ask her that? That’s it! No more late night partying for me.

“No why?

“Well it’s a long story.”

“I’m willing to hear it, come on in.”


“No prob, you’re probably gonna have to sleep here too since I doubt your roommates gonna wake up anytime soon.”

She step’s back and as I enter I see that her dorm was no exception to the navy blue and tan theme. The only difference was that instead of two beds she had one. Who without that other bed the room was very spacious.

“Don’t you have a roommate?” I asked.

“Ummm no…… she died last year. So umm… what’s the long story?” She sat down on the solitary bed. I looked around an saw an arm chair. She seemed eager to change the subject so I sat down and told her the not so long story of phone calls and midnight snacks.

When I was done she looked at me wide eyed and exclaimed “that’s weird!”

There wasn’t much conversation after that and we both fell asleep, Clarissa in her bed and me on the armchair.

Later when I woke up from a crick in my neck I went to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. That was when I saw the girl standing behind me.

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