May 10, 2010
By redheadblaze SILVER, North Bergen, New Jersey
redheadblaze SILVER, North Bergen, New Jersey
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"What's life without crying once in a while?"

Act 1 Scene 1

The room is dark and gloomy, when suddenly Lacey's alarm clock- hard rock music-wakes her up in time for school.

Lacey: "Jeez!"

(She tries to turn off the alarm, but when that dosen't work, Lacey takes her hand off of it. She concentrates, and stares at it, and it eventually flys off the desk. Whether it was her abilities or the wind brushing in from the window is not yet clear.)

Lacey: "Again!"

(Staring at the alarm that is now on the floor next to the bed. Lacey hops out of bed, brushes her teeth, takes a shower and gets dressed. She eventually joins her foster parents, Rachel and Neil Sinclair for breakfast.)

Neil: "You still need to get that bike out to the junkyard, you know. Its been out there for months."

Lacey: "I'll get to it." (Reaches over for the cereal box and empties it into a bowl.)

Rachel: (Taking coffe pot.) "Honey, I know you're under a lot of pressure, but-"

Lacey:"I just found out I'm a freak, and you think I'm under pressure?"

Neil:(Putting glasses on.)"You're not a freak, Lacey. All you have to do is learn how to deal with these abilities. Not using them to hurt people or getting yourself grounded."

(Lacey starts to remember the whole reason why she was grounded. In her algebra class Sean Covenant was bothering her again. When she told him to leave her alone, he didn't, and the next thing Lacey knew, her abilities took over. Her notebook went flying across the room, hitting Sean in the face and giving him a bloody nose. Since it was beyond weird, word spread out. That's how Lacey's parents found out, and L acey was immediately grounded for a whole month.)

Lacey: "Hey, that creep deserved it! For the past few months, he's been all over me! Then he gets a girlfriend and makes out with her in front of me on purpose, just to make me mad? No, screw him!"

Neil: "I understand that, but but there are other ways to confront this Sean."

Rachel: "We just don't want you to get hurt."(Sits down at the table.)

Lacey:"Right." (Pushes away her cereal bowl.)"Bye.I'm going to be late."

(Gets up and walks outside the door to the bustop where she meets her best friend, Morgan Daniels.)

Morgan: "Hey! You shoud've seen Jason! He just did the coolest skateboard trick ever!"

Lacey: (Smiles politely and sadly.) "Oh, cool, Morgan."

Morgan:"What's wrong? You look so. . . ."

Lacey:I just can't get over the fact of... you know-my new secret."

Morgan: "Oh, well..."(Lifts up handbag and straps over her shoulder just as the school bus comes in sight.) "Don't worry. You'll get used to it."

(Morgan and Lacey's other best friend, Richie Mcallister were the only people besides Neil and Rachel that knew about lacey's abilities. She told the both of them at Morgan's house and demonstrated for them. At first they were freaked, but then eventually they supported her and actually thought her powers were really cool.)

Lacey:(Takes a deep breath.) "Yeah, I guess." (That's what people say about normal situations,she thinks as they get on the bus.)

Act 1 Scene 2

(Lacey shrugs uncomfortably. She obviously can't stand Sean's staring at her, and shakes her left leg up and down nervously.)

Sean: "Do you have a twitching problem?"

Lacey: "Hey, go to h*** freak." (I'm one to be calling somebody else a freak, she thinks. But Lacey thought ever since their little incident that Sean would her alone forever, considering the nasty looks they always gave each other.)

Sean:"I called a doctor because I was worried." (You sure worry about me a lot, Lacey thinks, but dosen't say it to him. She dosen't want to waste her time talking to a jerk like Sean. She hated him. Lacey suddenly recalled the day he told her, "You're hot as h***." He said something else,something about her wearing a skirt and her legs, but Lacey couldn't make out the whole comment.)

(Their algebra teacher comes in and tells the class to open their notebooks. The rest of the period goes smoothly. The sunlight shining through the window brightened Lacey's red hair and bought out the color in her dark brown eyes. At the end of the period, their teacher dismisses them. Sean turns toward Lacey.)

Sean: "See you later, redhead."

(Lacey was angry that Sean calls her that, because only her friends call her "Redhead" or "Red" as a nickname. And Sean was defitnetly not her friend.)

Lacey: (As she gets up.) "Its Lacey!"

(Sean's notebook goes flying flying off his desk onto the floor. He stares at her in disbelief as she leaves. No way in h***. . .he thinks.)

The author's comments:
I created "Lacey" based on my life exeperiences.What really insprired me was how I felt when I first started high school.

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blondienow said...
on May. 17 2010 at 12:31 pm
I liked it very much.  It sounds sooooo real, as if I heard this before.  The writer definitely sounds as though she has experienced this in real life,,,,hummmm!!!!!Excellent writing.


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