The babysitter

May 3, 2010
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*Ring!* I looked at the phone on the coffee table. As I walked over to the table; the phone never stopped ringing.
“Hello?” I said
“Have you checked on the kids?” The man on the other side said.

As I dropped the phone and walked up to the kids, the only thing I heard from the phone was an evil laugh.
When I finally got up the stairs and to the kids bedroom, when I opened up the door I saw them lying in bed sleeping. What was that guy talking about? I thought to myself as I went back down stairs. The only sound I could hear now was the rain an it hitting the top of the house. Then suddenly the phone rings again.
“Hello who is this?”
“How were the kids are they ok?”

Before I got to say anything else the person hung up on me. This time I ran up the stairs. Then I got to the kids and the only thing that went on in there was that they are still sleeping. Ok this guy is just trying to mess with me. When I got down stairs I noticed that the door was wide open. As I walked to close the door I noticed that the house taker’s house light was on so I decided to run down. So I grabbed the phone and checked on the kids one more time then I left to the house.

When I got to the house I knocked and knocked and called out her name. No answer so I thought maybe she would be in the house some where. So I ran back up to the house the phone rang again.
“Hello who is this? What do you want?” I tried to talk even though my throat was getting tighter and tighter every second I was on the phone.
“Better go check on the kids, they might be gone.”
So I slammed the phone down and ran up to the kids. Finding their beds empty, I turned on the lights and found that they had got up and left. So I looked all over the place and I couldn’t find them any where. Finally I heard one of the kids start to cry from under the bed.
“You are alright?”
Before they could answer the lights went out. The kids started to cry and scream.
“Come on lets go down stairs”
I grabbed the kid’s hands and tried to see in the dark. I stumbled and tripped over the kid’s toys as we started to leave the room. As we got in the hallway, I heard the phone ring again.
“I have come for you”
I hung up on him and called the police.
“Please help me!”
“Miss please calm down. Now what’s going on?”
“Im babysitting and I keep getting this call from someone threatening me and now I think he is here”

“Ok Miss we will track the phone call.”
“Thank you”

The woman hung up the phone; me and the kids went and hide in the parent’s bed room when I got a call. But this one call was different from all the rest. All I could hear was the hard breathing for the madman. I hung up as soon as I being to feel my throat tightening up again. I could talk when the phone rang again, but as soon as I heard what the woman from the cop station said.

Then I drop the phone. Got up and told the kids to get in front of me and to run as fast as they can to the door and get in the car and make sure that they lock the door until I got there. So I lead them to the door and opened it for them.
“Run as fast as you can, no matter what you hear do NOT look back and don’t come back until I come and get you”
“Morgan im scared please don’t leave us.”
“I need to right now but as soon as I can I will come and get you”

I went back in to the house so I could get my car keys so I can drive to the closes house. As soon as I got there I heard heavy footsteps on the wood staircase. I could feel my breathing come harder and harder every time I tried to breathe regularly. I looked all over for the keys then I remembered that the keys were in the kitchen. Great now I have to run by him trying not to be seen by him. Who is this guy any way? I thought to myself. So I softly stepped and hide as I tried to make myself invisible. When I heard the person in front of the couch, I bent down so he couldn’t see me. Then I heard his breath move away, so I started to make my way into the kitchen. But when I was running to the counter where my keys where, I fell and after that all any one could hear was the thud I made as I feel on the hard wooden floor. After that I jus felt the pain coming from my leg. Then I finally realized what I had tripped over. The corner of the glass table, then I looked down at my leg and it had had a piece of glass in it. I could see the figure of the person turn to the sound of my pain as he started to walk toward me. I pulled the glass out of my leg. Then I tried my best to stand up so I could try at least to live after tonight. But before I got all the way up I could feel the person breathe going on my neck.

Then all of the sudden I feel his hand on the top of my arms and pulled me up to him so I could see his eyes.

He never said anything back but the way he was standing. The moonlight came into the house let me some what of his face. Why would someone I don’t even know be doing this to me? I didn’t know what to do or anything. It was like I froze from fear, not able to breathe. I could see him raise his knife. I could feel his grip on me loosing and he was dropping me and the knife in the other hand. Then when he did drop me I could see him falling back. And at the door was the cops, it turned out that the man had escaped from an insane-asylum. He was put in there for trying to kill his family.

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Morgan52 said...
Dec. 7, 2011 at 1:33 pm
thanks. and no 
BlueEyesCry said...
May 15, 2010 at 12:01 pm
AMAZING! I LUV IT.. it seems like you sorta copied this from a poem in a poem book... is it?
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