the fatal attack on big town

April 28, 2010
The Fatal on Big Town
One day, but not just any day, a plane carrying nuclear supplies was hijacked by an evil scientist. He and his henchmen killed everyone on the plane. They landed the plane in a city called Big Town, and unloaded the supplies at their laboratory. They took some people from the city and did some testing on people. Only one person lived so they let him go back to the city. That was the mistake because not long after he changed. Not into clothes, but into a zombie. He looked like a pale person with red eyes, breaks in skin, blood dripping out of his mouth. He also had a big bump on his head. He was evil.
One night he left his house and attacked random people. He bit people who were outside at night because the people did not know he was a zombie. That night he infected 173 people, and continued his attack throughout the next day.
Only four people survived (Joe, Rick, Dan, and Mr. Black) because they had very protective weapons that they found in a weapon safe.

They became bored in their hiding spot and decided to go to the laboratory. (A huge building in the middle of the city.) They had blood all over them when they started. It extends underground. It has a big metal gate so nothing gets in or out.
They scaled the side of the gate and entered the lab. They had even more blood on them. Once they got in the lab there was only one scientist alive.
“Why are there zombies all over the city,” Mr. Black demanded.
“Well… um… it is hard to explain what you seek. All we did was testing something on some people and… well… only one person lived. We let him back into the real world. That was when we messed up,” explained the scientist.
Before the scientist could go on Mr. Black shot and killed him.
“Are you out of your mind? We need him!” yelled Rick.
“He is right, we do need him. What are we going to do now? We have no chance to live and it is your fault!” Explained Dan.
“Well… First, we leave this rat hole. Next, we head for the biggest building in town which is the radio station. When we get there we get to the top of the building and radio the military. After that, we get out of here and the army will nuke this place. Finally, we leave in peace. Any questions?” asked Mr. Black. ”Good!”

Once they got to the top of the radio tower they radioed the military and once the helicopter got there a nuke went off. It killed everything living and dead. Other scientist said they would stop all experiments. That was the last of the zombies. Unless…

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