A Fire in the Night

May 6, 2010
By tbaars SILVER, Rockville, Maryland
tbaars SILVER, Rockville, Maryland
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JoAnne left at the normal time, all the usual accessories were in place. Her glittering heels slipped and slid as made her way to the unmarked, unregistered limousine. Her near-bare legs had only just sunk into the plush upholstery when the faceless driver raced out of the lot. As the automobile sped down the interstate JoAnne counted out $30,000 and handed it to the driver, insurance. JoAnne, sometimes Lorraine, sometimes Sophia smoothed, unzipped and removed her shimmering frock. With the deft hands of a chronic smoker, JoAnne pulled out her lighter and ignited the fortune in silk. It was discarded, casually thrown out the window. Her fiery gift to the placid, quickly disappearing countryside.
JoAnne, now sheathed in leather and sequins, was packing up. Her tools were evenly distributed along her willow frame as well as hidden within the confines of her handbag. The car was slowing. The clubs music was pulsating within the Mercedes S 600 and the and the flashing lights were reflecting across the shining exterior. After attaching a silencer, disposing of the driver, and retrieving the money, JoAnne quickly exited the vehicle and entered the throbbing club.
A Shot.
A woman disappearing into the Shadows.
Sophia left at the normal time...

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