Envious Dilirium

May 1, 2010
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His hands are wrapped tightly around her waist as his lips trail down her neck. The warm sensation causes her cheeks to blush a tint of red. Kyle stopped and let go of a disappointed Celia when Natalie approached. Celia looked deep into Kyle`s eyes, which were filled with a lust for love as his eyes gazed into Ali`s. Celia felt uncomfortable with her eyes grasping the obvious attraction between them. She scooted just enough from Kyle and motioned Ali to sit down. She tried to ignore the pain that constantly stabbed her heart, watching Kyle wrap his arms tight around Ali`s waist. She excused herself and went for a walk in the woods. There, she stumbled upon a little cottage that overlooked a magnificent pond whose waters reflected a full moon. Slowly, Celia walked to the alluring aroma that caused her stomach to churn. The welcoming scent introduced her to an elderly woman, whose crooked smile made her shutter.

“Welcome, child. I am Midrina, sole occupant of this fine house. What can I do for you, on this beautiful night?” spoke the elder, as she saved a seat for Celia. The aura felt immensely dark to her, but she decided to be courteous. “I was just following a luscious scent and was hoping you had some sweets.” Celia finished her sentence with a shy smile, her cheeks flushed to a light pink. Midrina chuckled, her voice shaking Celia a bit more. There`s something strange within these walls. Who exactly is Midrina? The questions started pouring into her head, but seeing how the questions were quite rude, Celia brushed them off. “Course I have sweets.” Midrina got up to offer a mouthwatering piece of blueberry pie. The delectable treat filled the void of warmth she lost from seeing Kyle cuddle Ali so lovingly. Suddenly, the aura was even more intense.

“You`ll have to do whatever it takes to win him back.” Celia let her plate crash to the floor.

“Excuse me, what?” Celia says, her voice shaking.

Midrina`s voice was barely a whisper. “She`s a leech. She`s trying to steal him away. Do whatever it takes to win him back. Sacrifice everything and spare no one.”

“I`m sorry! I have no idea what you`re talking about!” Celia dropped her fork and ran until she was on the other side of the pond. Panicked, she tried to calm herself by splashing some water to cool her head. She looked at her reflection. The girl whose image she saw surely wasn`t her. Its eyes, filled with evil, gave a glare so frightening, Celia almost shrieked. She ran back to the campsite as fast as she could, and collapsed in front of everyone, her pants getting unbearable. She crawled toward them in a way that took away all the expressions but horror.

“God, someone save her!” Kyle yelled. Celia only suffered more, seeing the guy she loved reject her so coldly. If he really cared, he would`ve saved me. Or.. Is this the result of Ali? Andy`s lips were pressed against Celia`s as she regained consciousness. She pushed him away and gasped for air.

“What the hell`s your problem?” Celia screamed.

“Excuse you. It`s called saving a life, otherwise you`d be dead.” Andy retaliated.

“Screw you, I don`t need your help.”

“Yeah, right, like you were doing so well without me.”

“Conceited, much? Now I have to wash this awful taste out of my mouth. Thanks a lot, a**h*le.”

As Celia walked away, Danny laughed and said. “Ahh, young love.” Andy slapped Danny across the back of his head.

“Shut up, d*****. Why would I be interested in Celia?”

“Well, you were so willing to save her.”

“Pfft, I was just trying to be nice.”

“Yeah, ok then.”

Celia came back after she calmed down. “I`m sorry, Andy. I was just.. out of it, a bit. Thanks for saving me.” She smiled, giving a peck on Andy`s cheek as a reward. “It`s alright. When you have a near-death experience, sometimes you get a little emotional, can`t blame ya.” Jacque, diagnosed with a sugar buzz, got everyone wrapped up in a volleyball game. “Guys against girls!” She cried happily, her girl pride getting the best of her. Internal wounds formed on Celia`s heart as she helplessly watches Kyle and Ali constantly flirt. I wish she would just go away. Celia started hitting herself in the head. What the freak? I can`t say that about my best friend! What kind of a person am I?? Guilty thoughts started filling Celia`s head, as Ali had done a lot for her, but the teasing was getting hella annoying.

“Um, guys, we`re still in a game here.”

Ali giggled. “Oh, sorry Seals.”

Natalie arrived at Celia’s house. “Seals!” She practically knocked her over and suffocated her with so much affection. “Can’t... breathe..” Celia croaked. Ali giggled. “Oh, sorry Seals. Just so excited.” Celia looked at her curiously. “What`s gotten you so jumpy?” Ali pulled Celia up and brushed the dirt from her clothes, but she was so hyper she almost knocked her off her feet again. “I`m going out Kyle now! Isn`t that great?” Darkness filled her veins instantly. She hid the resentment well from her expression, but she had cracked. “Yeah, that`s really great. I`ll get something from the kitchen to celebrate. Just wait here.” “Ok!” Ali replied cheerily. As Celia walked to the kitchen, a sinister smile formed from her lips, and Natalie backed away when Celia returned, her face terrified.

“Seals, what`s that doing in your hands??” Natalie shielded herself with the couch. “You knew how much I loved Kyle... You stole him from me... You`re a leech... You betrayed my trust..” The words came out in a low whisper, the tears slowly streaming down as Celia`s grasp on the knife tightened. Ali`s voice shook with every word. “I didn`t mean to! I can`t help who I fall for. Please... don`t punish me for this!”

“You b****. You stole him... You stole him..” Celia gradually closed the distance between them. Horrorstruck, Natalie couldn`t move. Why did you do this to me? I`ve been in love with him for 13 years. Everything went great until you came along, until you stole him. The cruel thoughts fed her with such disdain. “You`re dead to me.” She whispered softly. Natalie came back to her senses and started running away, using a lamp to trip Celia, whose knife was ready to swing. She reached hastily for her phone and called Kyle, but it slid right through her fingers. Ali sprinted back to it, but by the time she reached it, Celia had advanced on her. “Ali?” Desperate, Ali started screaming. “Kyle, help me! Celia--“ Ali couldn`t block the knife quick enough. It lodged into her heart, blood spewing out violently from the impact. Her eyes filled with tears, her whisper almost inaudible. “I`m sorry.. Celia...” Celia pushed the knife in deeper, her face expressionless. “You stole him...” was all she could manage to say to her dying friend.

Kyle busted through the door, shocked. Celia stood up as he asked, “Why??” Celia’s face saddened. “I wanted to be with you... I love you..” Kyle held his hands up as Celia walked toward him slowly. “No, get away from me, you monster. You killed your best friend.” Kyle tripped on the very lamp Ali used to get away. Celia got some sedatives from her pocket and forced them into Kyle`s mouth. “I love you...” She plunged the knife deep into his heart, her tears falling rapidly onto his chest. After the deed had been done, Celia retrieved the knife and licked it clean. His blood now runs through my veins. He`ll always be by my side.

Celia`s laying down on a boat, with a bag next to her. “Isn`t it a nice day outside, Kyle? I`m so glad we could spend time together.” She unzipped the back and kissed his lips softly.

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