Turtle Soup

April 30, 2010
By WhoaJackJack BRONZE, Roslyn, New York
WhoaJackJack BRONZE, Roslyn, New York
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Chris and Dave walked into a restaurant; both of them were quite shocked from an event that had happened a week ago. Chris, Dave, and Chris’ wife, Sheila, went on a trip to California and only the two survived. They walked to their usual seats, and their waiter asked what they wanted to order. Chris ordered the turtle soup, since it was the meal that saved his life. Dave wasn’t hungry, so he just ordered a small piece of apple pie.

The two discussed unimportant things such as sports, trying to stay away from the incident that happened a week ago. Dave didn’t even try to cheer Chris up; that goal was given up a few days ago.
When the turtle soup and apple pie came to the table, Dave said to Chris, “So is my turtle soup better than the restaurants?”
“We’ll see.” Chris was slightly nervous; it felt like he last ate turtle soup years ago. He took the spoon slowly and dipped it into the soup. The first spoonful was his last, and Chris realized the whole truth about the soup. His eyes stared at Dave, and his body died from complete shock.
The week before was supposed to be a great week for the three friends. Chris, Dave, and Shelia were best friends since 3rd grade. It just so happened that Chris married Sheila. The three friends lived in New Jersey and were going to Hawaii on a vacation, but they first had to switch planes in California. At the airport they were eating by Gate 20 as they waited for the doors to open.
“Are you going to keep your head in that book all day?”
“No, I’ll probably stop once I sleep” said Dave with no real emotion. Sheila went to the gift shop while the two guys talked.
“Hey Dave, what’s wrong? You’ve been in that book since the car ride here.”
“It’s really interesting actually; it’s about making delicious soup from any type of meat”
“Well anyway Dave, its time to go, and stop being such a bore!” Chris shut Dave’s book and the wind just blew on Dave’s face. He discreetly clenched his fist in anger.
The three went on the small plane, and while Dave sat in his seat Chris and Sheila held hands. Suddenly, the plane’s engine roared and the plane lifted off the ground. Sheila loved flying and the plane went higher and higher. She had a slight stomach ache so she took off her seatbelt and took a nap, which would be her last. A baby was crying and made Chris very agitated. He took a small walk around the plane. The next few hours of the flight were normal; Dave kept on reading his book. Soon the speakers were turned on. The pilot spoke in a much stressed tone and said “We are experiencing slight turbulence please fasten your seat-“
Before the pilot could finish his sentence the whole plane started moving down. The baby was crying again, and people started screaming, and Sheila unfortunately wasn’t wearing her seatbelt and hit her head on the ceiling. Chris closed his eyes and he blacked out.

Chris woke up with a huge headache. He put his hand on his head and felt the blood dripping down his face. He looked around and light was flickering. It was a small plane and almost no one was alive. He saw a man screaming, and then he grabbed his chest and slowly closed his eyes.
Chris heard Dave’s voice. “You okay Chris?”
“Yeah, where’s Sheila?”
“I don’t know!” There was a moment of silence.
“Hey Dave, could you walk?” “Yeah” “I’m kind of hungry, could you get me something?”
Dave got up and said “Sure, anything for my best friend” He had a slight grin and walked away with a limp. Chris heard a thumping noise and the sound of chopping. He closed his eyes and slept.

“Chris! Wake up. Here.” Chris sat up. He saw a bowl of steaming hot soup.
“Thanks, what is it?”
“Um… Turtle Soup, it’s pretty good” Dave handed Chris the soup and spoon, and he ate it with extreme speed.
“You have more?” said Chris, “Oh we have a lot more.”
Dave got up countless times to get seconds of the soup for the two of them.
“You know some parts of the soup tastes like metal, right Dave?”
“What can you do its plane food” And Dave smiled until his mouth hurt.

They were eventually rescued, Chris and Dave managed to survive but Sheila’s body was never found, but they were only able to find traces of her blood. What Chris had discovered in the end is only known by Dave. He eventually became a chef and opened his own restaurant, and people say its one of the best around town…

The author's comments:
Ahh, kinda thought of snakes on a plane, and was like, SNAKES ON A TURTLE.

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it was the said...
on May. 12 2010 at 10:32 am

It makes we want to eat turtle soup


teenink12345 said...
on May. 11 2010 at 10:29 am
teenink12345, New York, New York
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HIlarious story. The ending is so funny check out stories by jman13



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