The Great Escape

April 27, 2010
By Thomas Hajduk SILVER, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Thomas Hajduk SILVER, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
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“It all happened so quickly. He tied me up so I could not move,” said Mr. Woo. Mr. Woo was the owner and co-founder of the Red Dragon restaurant. One and half million dollars worth of furniture and spices/herbs had burned to the ground. What was once a fancy restaurant building now was just a pile of ashes. Suddenly, there was a loud screech and a sunset-orange Ferrari skidded to a stop. The driver’s door opened upwards and Dr.Waffles stepped out. As he did he took of he’s sun glasses and throw them on the car seat he closed the door. The Ferrari was new washed, even the tie were shiney.
“Ah, Dr. Waffles is here,” said Sergeant John.
“He’s the best detective in the city.”Added Deputy James O’Brien, while he was walking by. Dr.Waffles was a middle-aged man in his 40’s. His height was around 7 feet tall, and he wore a nice suit and tie on that day.
“So, Mr. Woo please tell us what happened,” asked Dr.Waffles.
“Well, it was closing time and Mr. Higho was already gone,” said Mr. Woo.
“I was cleaning the kitchen when a robber crashed through the window unexpectedly.” Mr. Woo continued. “He tied me up and stole all of the money from the register. There was only $120 or something. Then he pulled out a lighter and started a fire from a pile of papers (probably the old menus).Then he escaped by pulling open the fire escape and running into the ally,” said Mr. Woo.

“How did you escape from being tied up?” asked Dr.Waffles, while stroking his beard.

“The thief did an awful job at tying me up. I broke loose easily and escaped through the fire escape door, even though it was stuck at first. I pulled really hard for a few seconds and it opened,” explained Mr. Moo.
“Very clever, did you see the robber’s face?” questioned Dr. Waffles.
“No, but his posture looked similar to Mr.Higho, my assistant.” replied Mr. Woo.
As Mr. Woo was answering more questions, Dr. Waffles noticed Mr. Higho being put into a police car.
“Whoa! You guys have the wrong guy. Please seize mister Woo and take him to the police station,” said Dr. Waffles
“Why?” asked O’Brien.
“I’ll give you the details in the car on the away to the station,” said Dr.Waffles.

What was wrong with Mr.Woo’s story?

Answer: Mr. Woo claimed that the robber and he pulled open the fire escape door. You never ever pull open a fire escape door. You push it.

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