Madison Rose-Part2

April 19, 2010
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"Why is he dead, boss, why?"
I glared at him. His legs crossed and his fingers emerged into one as he tapped them rymically. He sat calmly on his huge chair, and didnt even blink when i stomped through the double doors and smashed a chair as i did so. A faint smile grew across his face.
"Madison, my dear. Your back."
I bit my lip, to stop it quivvering with sheer anger. My head felt like exploding. I respected boss, though.
"Yes, boss. Now WHY is Jake dead?" I demanded, stepping forwards slightly.
He rose a finger too me, lowering his head. I shuffled back.
The finger represented pain. He could make me, feel the worst pain of all with that finger. Me, though, i could fight against it slightly. Not like the others.
"Madison. You, killed Jake. Not me." He said, tilting his head. I took one, long breath.
"No...I did as you asked." I began. "I got the blood. And i sealed the wound, and was about to bring it back. Then, he was dead. YOU didnt tell me he was a half blood. YOU said he was a mortal!" I shouted. Boss stood up, and ran his hand through his messy brown hair. "Yes...I did didnt i? What a shame..." He held out his hand, and looked at me with his glimmering red eyes. Thirsty. "The blood, Madison."
I looked too the left of me.
Jason, and Rachel. No way would i get past her. She'd kill me with a finger. Snap my neck with one hand. I couldnt go for her. I was, faster. Damn...What too do.
I looked too the right.
Joe and Mason. Mason was weak, slow. A bad immortal, if i do say so. Joe was better, learning still, still in his fist year...but his gift was too much for me too handle. Joe could move objects with his eyes. It was too risky.
"Madison..." Boss said again, his arm still out stretched. I reached slowly for my pocket. Slowly, slowly, maddy. C'mon. I could use my power. It wasnt mastered yet, but i could use it. Just as Boss, the traitor i had trusted, was about too relax, I striked. Quick as a flash, i pushed him forwards with my hand. The force of my gift, thrust him back into the stain glass window. Glass shattered around his body and his mouth fell open. His eyes filled with anger and his head shook. Joe was the fist too act, leaping toward me. I dodged easily, snapping his arm in the prosess. He whimpered and fell to the ground.
Mason stood shellshocked, so i took advantage and thrust him back too the oak wall.
Jason slowly approached me and grabbed my arm. I swung my free fist at him and landed a solid punch in his gut. He cried out in pain but didnt let go of me.
"Madison, are you crazy?" He yelled. I ignored him and blocked out all noise. I punched him again, harder this time. He couldnt take my strength, and fell to the ground pathetically. I spand on my heels and made a run for the door, but rachel was there. She swung a punch into my jaw, causing me too slip and make a huge crack in to the marble floor. She was older than me, at 21. I screamed as she grabbed both my arms behind my back and pulled them further than they could take. I heard the crack. "ARGH!" I shouted. She laughed and kicked my back. I fell too my knee's. Blood dripped down my lip, black blood. Immortal blood. Rachel held my arms in one hand, my neck in the other. The slightest bit of pressure, and she would snap it. She looked at boss longingly for the signal.
"NO!" I screamed. Boss looked at me. He was sat back in his chair. I pleaded him with my eyes. Just my eyes.
"Wait." He ordered too rachel. "The blood...?" Rachel slammed my body too the ground with so much force, a rib broke. I whimpered as she pulled out the tiny jar. She tossed it too Boss and yanked me up by the hair.
"Well, boss? You want me too snap her neck or what?" Rachel asked, gritting her teeth. Jason looked at me sympathetically. He had so much pain in his eyes, and when boss signaled her too do it, his head lowered.
I waited for the crack. The pain, the blackness.
And then Jason's arms where around me, sweeping me up and sprinting me, too saftey.

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