Madison Rose- Part1.

April 19, 2010
By Shinny BRONZE, Newquay, Other
Shinny BRONZE, Newquay, Other
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It was the third day, now.
The third day that i had followed him, and it wasnt easy. He walks so quickly! Quicker than me, and let me assure you, i walk fast. Then again, i was bound too be assigned the harder types. I got paid a little more than the wrest as i was alot more, how do you say...sly?
Thats what boss said. Sly isnt a nice word to use, i hate to think about it like that, i dont want too be a bad person. Im not a bad person, and i have too assure myself that time & time again. Boss chose me. He chose me from many, so i cant be bad. Bad people dont work for Boss.
Boss was funny with people. He was fussy, he wanted too choose his immortal's very carefully. I was classed as lucky, the way he changed me. I hate too think about it, even now. There are too many of us now, boss says.

Crap, i think Jake saw me.
I ducked behind a locker. Damn. The wall was cold behind my back, and my hunger was growing. But i couldnt stop following Jake. He knows, i think. He can feel, that someone is watching him.
But boss keeps telling me, through his thoughts that i am in trouble when i get back, if i dont get what he needs. What he needs, didnt seem like a hard thing too snag. Just a teeny sample of Jake's blood. Huh. Easy.
Jake had biology next.
Luckly, i made sure that Jake and I were in the same group for most lessons. I sat next too him, as much as i could, and still, i hadnt managed too get the sample.
It was hard, i didnt know how too do it. I considered knocking him out after class and just making a prick in his finger. But the thought that someone would see me, well it was just way too risky.
Mr.Burnes was teaching, our crappy supply. It didnt make much of a difference too me, i had taken theses exams four times now.
I became a immortal at 15. Now thats the age i stay. For now, boss said. I am the youngest immortal in our clan. Bar joe, the little baby. Who was born a immortal, Boss's son. He will still age, though. Thats what i would have loved, too still age. I hadnt longed too stay young.
Jake looked at me, eerily.
I was guessing he was freaked out. He was very goodlooking. I didnt mind following him. Even though, really, i should be 19. And i am checking out a 15 year old. Its weird.
"Um, Madison..." Jake said, his voice like silk. Wow. I had never noticed that. Then again, i had never really talked too him.
Oh god, what does he want? What if he asks why im following him...What will i say...? "Yeah...?" I asked, wincing.
"Can you pass me the rubber?"
Godsake. A rubber...panic over.
I willingly gave Jake the rubber. He smiled briefly, before getting back too the worksheet which i wizzed through in the first ten seconds.
End of lesson came quick.
I knew that this was it. I had too get that sample for boss. I would have too do what i didnt wanna. But i didnt care what he thought of me now, i didnt care about mortals. As soon as we were out of the classroom, i looked him in the eyes. "Jake," I began, in my sweetest voice i could manage. I twirled my light brown curls through my fingers. "I was wondering..."
Jake shifted uneasily. He looked uncomfortable.
"Godsake." I snapped. I grabbed him by the hand and dragged him through the corridoor. He was unbelivably shocked by my strength, he didnt know i was a vampire. I could hear sniggering, as people taunted him for being weaker than a girl. I ignored them, and led him out the back. I tried too 'gently' shove him too the ground when we were completley out of sight. "Sorry about this..." i said. I brought a little knife out of my trouser pocket. He gasped over dramatically. Then screamed. His scream, was worse than mine. And hes a lad.
I cupped my hand over his mouth and pressed my knee on his chest. "Calm down, im not going too hurt you!" I quickly made a slice on his palm and grabbed the teeny pot that boss had instructed me too get the blood into. He stuggled uselessly. It was hard too squeeze his blood with one hand, resist the urge too kill him and drink his blood myself. But Boss wouldnt be happy if i did that, Jake's important, apparently. When i was satisfied with the little jar of blood, i slowly licked my finger and ran it over the slice i had made on his hand. It dissapeared within seconds.
"Right. There. Thats all i needed. Thanks."
I let my hand from his mouth and my knee from his chest. When i went too look at Jake, too see if he was okay, he didnt respond. His eyes stared liflessley into space, and his mouth was lazily open. Ohmygosh. Ive killed him. "Jake?" I whispered, shaking his pale shoulders. "Jake?!"
-Well done, Madison. You have done me proud.-

The author's comments:
i was bored. please comment, tell me if you think i should do more. :)

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