Someone Finally Listened

April 18, 2010
By Anonymous

Please note this is not intended to put a bad name on the city motioned. It is purely for your entertainment.

I’m Abby and I live in the middle of Normal, Illinois. It’s ironic because nothing here is normal. People have been disappearing without a trace and I have gotten a treating note telling me that I’m next. I’ll found the note in the oddest place. The only one that I got was wrapped around my toothbrush and I remember exactly what it said,

“Watch out. We’re coming for you.”
It looked like something you would see in a formal letter like it was totally common to treat someone.

I was the fifth person to get a note right after the fourth one disappeared. All of us were girls no guys were sent notes or kidnapped. When you put the two together you get a general idea of what gender the kidnapper was. It was two weeks later when I was walking home from school two guys offered me a ride I’ve never seen them before and they weren’t taking no for an answer. One of them got out and as I tried to run he grabbed my arm and forced me into the backseat. He pushed me to the middle and got in right beside me. “Now I’m going to be very concise, don’t try to escape we’ll find you again and the consciences will leave you physically and emotionally scared.” I just swallowed and nodded. They never told me their names and they kept me drugged up.

All my friends that have disappeared were there, all of us locked in a small room. Every once in a while they would take us to a glass room it was a two way mirror type glass where the people on the other side could see me but I couldn’t see them. It was a slave trade and not the kind where you were sold to do the work peopled didn’t it was the sex slave trade kind. We were sold to pigs that would make us do things we didn’t want to do. I cried for hours every night I’m only 13 for gosh shakes what is wrong with these people. I’ve even seen girls younger then me be sold into the same house where I’m at. The thing is they didn’t keep us in the same city let alone same country. They sold us to people who don’t even speak English they just shove us around. At lest we’re safer when we’re not in the possession of someone I heard them say they don’t want to damage the merchandise or something like that. The day I turned 18 everything got better this guy’s dad bought me for his son who’s the same age as me and luckily he spoke English. He was nice he never wanted his dad to buy him someone so he brought me back to America and let me go now me and him are working together to help stop this kind of slave trade.

The author's comments:
Human Trafficking is serious matter. Hope it inspires you to help.

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