April 18, 2010
By Racheldanielle BRONZE, Lovington, New Mexico
Racheldanielle BRONZE, Lovington, New Mexico
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Life is based on life long lessons that can be learned through personal experience and examples set by other people. I learned a few lessons in my short lived life. I’ll tell you what happened and why I should have been smarter about it.

My name is Jodi, and I’m a senior in high school I can’t wait to graduate and go to college. It’s may and since school is out in a few weeks I hope my mustang will be out of the shop so I can leave here. I want to go to New York and be an artist.

May 12th, today isn’t the most ordinary day for me, because this morning walking to school I felt like somebody was watching me. At school we had a new kid and he kept watching my every move when I don’t know why I’m not popular or miss amazing.

At lunch I went and sat with this new kid. He looked like the popular type with his dark hair, which was spiked, his gorgeous green blue eyes, and his pale complexion. He gave me a friendly smile so I knew it was cool if I sat and ate lunch with him. “Hey I’m Jodi, you look a little lonely sitting here by yourself.” “Yeah I could use some company, it’s hard being the new kid. My name is Lance.”

After school Lance caught up with me when I was walking to my locker. “Hey, Jodi can I give you a ride?” He caught me off guard “Yeah, that would be really nice.” It didn’t really matter what kind of car he drove because it was a piece of junk. I’m amazed the thing even ran as well as it did.

As soon as I got home I thanked him for the generous lift and hurried inside to tell my parents how my day was. When I got in the house nobody was there, which was weird because they usually were there after school. I called all their friends and none of them had seen or heard from them in a while. If only I could have come home sooner or not even have went to school today.

Searching frantically for a door or some method of escape. Locked in an unusual place were Jodi’s parents trapped and confused. “Welcome to my little game, ha ha. There is only one escape and one way to win but you have to figure that out. Good luck!” The intercom clicked off and a door opened.

All night I tossed and turned in bed. I couldn’t sleep knowing my parents were missing somewhere because they didn’t just up and go without mentioning it. Now I freaked and jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs to call the police. Crying and frustrated I told the cops everything about how my parents usually don’t do this and how they just disappeared.

As soon as the police came they were gone all the did was interview me and get photos. I was all alone and scared for once, I never minded being alone but what if something bad happened. The next morning when I went to school I noticed Lance wasn’t there. I hurried home but they still weren’t there.

The police had no leads or no motives yet and it was driving me out of my mind. I wondered if Lance had something to do with it because as soon as they were gone so was he. As I was thinking about everything somebody knocked on the door. There was a note taped onto the door that read: Hey, sorry I wasn’t at school today I’m not going to be there for a while. I need to do some things. I wonder why I didn’t here his piece of junk drive up or drive off.

Lost, confused, wet, and cold the couple was looking for an escape to this labyrinth. “ I hope our daughter is doing alright and not worrying about us” said Jodi’s mom. Frantically her husband yelled “Damnit woman stop worrying about her and worry about us!” They kept arguing while walking in waist deep water.

All night I couldn’t get the thought of how my parents were missing and maybe Lance had something to do with it, out of my head. The phone rang and I really saw no point in answering since by now I was hopeless. I got up and answered it anyways. It was the police, “Jodi, we found your parents, we’re going to go get them.” So they thought.

As they were walking and running into walls because it was dark, a door opened and at the end of this long wet tunnel was a light. They took off full speed toward this mysterious light. It only led to what looked like an operating room covered in blood. The room was filled with surgical tools covered in blood. Jodi’s mom threw up looking at this horrific and gory scene. The door closed and now they were trapped in this weird room right when the police showed up to get them.

It was Saturday afternoon so they have been missing since some time during Tuesday. Nobody knew anything and nobody had heard anything about them. It was looking hopeless and even Lance was gone, my suspicions were growing. I was in the kitchen getting something to eat when I heard his piece of crap pull up. I was curious why he was at my house when not being seen since Wednesday.

“Jodi, listen to me I need your help. Take my car and hide it in the woods. If anybody asks tell them you don’t know anything, alright?” I agreed, shaking I took the keys. I was thinking maybe the car was evidence and he needed to dispose of it. I didn’t want to accuse him of something he might not have done so I just took it and hid it.

When I was driving in the woods I found a small run down cabin that looked like it had been abandoned for years. It had some really tall bushes next to the fence so I parked the car in the bushes so nobody would see it. I decided to stay here since I had no way back to town other than that piece of junk.

By this time the couple were running and tripping on jagged pieces of concrete sticking up out of the floor. They didn’t know what was chasing them and they didn’t want to know. As they were running the water was getting deeper and deeper, by the time they stopped running they had to swim.

This game was getting tougher and tougher with every little corner and door. Jodi’s mom stops and looks at her husband while gasping for air saying “We need to go back, we can’t keep going on like this.” Her husband just says “We’re going the right way I’m sure just keep swimming it has to go somewhere.” Then out of nowhere her husband was gone something had pulled him under. So now one was left, she floated there waiting to see what was going to happen next.

I couldn’t tell anybody where I was because what if that person or monster was out there looking for me. I wrote a note telling people not to worry I was safe and hiding. I needed food and water and clean clothes but was it safe to leave and get some supplies?

I went to the store and bought some basic supplies to last a few weeks, even though this could last longer. In the cabin I had an eerie feeling I was being watched by somebody else in the house. I thought I heard footsteps and I freaked out. Running out of the house screaming I realized that was very smart. Walking back inside I couldn’t get my parents out of my mind.

Desperate and frustrated, Jodi’s mom, who’s name was Anne, was looking for another door. Anne floated there for what seem like an eternity but was actually only a few minutes. She kept swimming dying to get out, find her husband, and see her sweet daughter again.

I was woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of car doors slamming. I looked out the window and it was Lance, what the hell did he want this time? I mean yeah I liked him he was cool but I think he’s a stalker. I would soon find out that Lance wasn’t just a good looking guy, he’s also a liar.

Lance kicked the door pretty hard and it came crashing down with a large thud. He looked angry and started yelling “Jodi, where did you put my car?!?” Scared and confused I said “ It’s over by the fence you told me to hide it the other day.” He kept yelling and by now I couldn’t make any of it out so I just hit him in the head with a board laying on the floor.

This scared me I didn’t know if I killed him or if he was still alive I wasn’t going to be around to find out. I dumped his body in the river hoping he wouldn’t come back to the cabin. I couldn’t believe I had just done that, I’m not a violent person.

In the morning I woke up and surprisingly there was Lance sitting in a chair in the corner by the door. He stood up and I freaked out I didn’t know what he was going to do. He just says “Why, Jodi, why?” and gets up and walks out. Then I was thinking maybe I hit him a little to hard with that board.

Anne thought she would never see her daughter or her husband ever again. She was tired of swimming and kept thinking this was how she was going to die. She was hopeless of escaping this game and living to see another day.

I kept thinking I was hallucinating because I didn’t think it was possible for lance to be sitting right there. I’m pretty sure I hit him hard enough to kill him. Great so now I’m a murder to, I went down to the river and his body was laying just like I left it last night. I was panicking because how could he been sitting in that chair dry and clean and now laying face down muddy and wet in the river?

The small cabin didn’t feel much like a safe place anymore since I was seeing things. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t seen anybody lately or had any real conversations. I fixed the door and barricaded myself in the little cabin listening to the thunder. With no electricity I was afraid Lance was lurking around and I wouldn’t even know it! To Be Continued…

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