Crash (part 2)

April 17, 2010
By Shelby Katis GOLD, Saugus, Massachusetts
Shelby Katis GOLD, Saugus, Massachusetts
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Mia Coles : October 20th, 2003 : 7:34 PM
I turn the knob with my cold right hand, I’m so excited. Eric’s face is pale, he’s so nervous right now. I take his hand into mine and smile. The first room we enter is the parlor. Old, dark green, ripped furniture fills the room. Clutter is everywhere. Light seeps in through the ripped curtains. It’s the house’s only glimmer of happiness. The fire place is dusty. It hasn’t been used for a long time. The white walls are tinted yellow, obviously from cigarette smoke. The rug has red stains on it, probably from food. Eric peers over at it, scared to even move a foot in front of his other. Above the fireplace is a mantle, flooded with pictures, and pictures in frames as well. My fingers run over them, pointing out a little girl in each of the pictures. This three person family is adorable, why is this house so deserted?
“We have to get out of here, I refuse to stay. This is just too creepy.”
I shined my flashlight on Eric. He almost trips over a smashed picture frame. He hops back so fast it isn’t even funny. I pick it up. The picture is of a little girl, short with brunette hair in pigtails. Two adults surround her, probably her parents. The candle on the cake was in the shape of a six. I wonder what happened to her or where she is.
We both pass through the kitchen, then the bathroom. We go into a child’s room. It’s probably the little girl’s room. The room is tickle me pink, like one of those crayola crayons. Stuffed animals surround her bed. It looks like they were having a tea party. I remember when my room was similar to this. I look to my left, there is a yellow book case. Eric sits on her pink twin bed. He picks up the teddy bear on the bed. Eric and I make eye contact, butterflies fill my stomach. We hear a sneeze, followed by a high pitched voice.
“Mister, can you please put him down?”

Eric’s mouth drops. Could this be the little girl from the pictures?
“Excuse me?”
“Eric, maybe we should get out of here..”
“No it’s okay, it’s only me.”

October 31st, 2006 : 9:52 PM
Lilly’s eyes gradually close. Just like a good, caring brother, David tucks her in, and kisses her on the head goodnight.
“Goodnight Lil.” David says to his sleeping sister.
David leaves her room, and slowly closes the door. He gets all cozy in his own bed, almost to sleep.
“I’m awake now, tell me the rest!”
“But Lilly I’m exhausted.”
Lilly jumps on his bed repeatedly until he rubs his eyes and wakes up to finish the story.

Mia Coles : October 20th, 2003 : 8:02 PM
“Is this your house?”
A little girl crawled from underneath the bed. She sneezed, then smiles at us. Especially at Eric.
“I’m sorry for scaring you. My parents just got in a really big fight.”
The little girl peered over to the wall on her left. On the wall, is another red stain.
“Was everything okay here until we got here? You didn’t get hit, did you?”
“Oh no, no. Daddy would never hit me. He just gets a little, well, violent sometimes.”
She begins to cry, so I try to comfort her. Eric is in the opposite corner of the room confused to either be scared shitless, or sympathetic for the girl.
“So what exactly happened here?”
A Giant scream followed by sirens makes the hairs on Eric stand up. He just ran out of here. I stayed in the house with the little girl. What if she’s in trouble? I can’t just leave her.

Eric Roberts : October 20th, 2003 : 8:23 PM
I guess little things really scare me. I’ve had a fear of sirens ever since my father died. He was a police man. He says it was his passion to help others. He loved it. Especially the sirens, because it showed that there was help on the way. But these sirens once had changed, into ambulence sirens. About a year ago, my father died. To this day, I still can’t handle the sound of the sirens that once took my father away from me forever.
My pace has slowed down since I exited the house. The scene of the car accident is still roaring - a familiar voice greets me.
“Officer Chapman!”
“Hey Eric, I haven’t seen you in a while!”
You know after the second hello, conversations sometimes die? Well, yeah..
“So what’s the story with the car accident?”
“Oh not much really. We’re currently looking into it. So fare there is a relationship between the two people in the cars. They are a married couple. According to this woman, there was an argument between them at their house. Neighbors have said to say there were piercing screams and that they have a daughter that’s about six years old. The father is known to have temper problems, and anger issues. His wife labels him as abusive. We’re still looking at exactly why, they were in this car crash together though, or if it wasn’t exactly an accident.”
“Interesting. Do they happen to live near Main street?”
“They live ON main street. How did you know? Do you know them?”
I think my heart just stopped. How can I even imagine telling this six year old girl her mother has died?

Mia Coles : October 20th, 2003 : 9:10 PM
Where the hell is Eric? I’m starting to get worried. To pass the time by, me and the little girl talk. She’s very sweet. Her name is Laura.
“So where are your parents?”
“Well my dad was throwing things around, like always. I kept hearing my mom screaming. My daddy has hurt mommy so bad she’s had to go to the hospital before. I think she’s a he, a hem, hemof..”
“A hemophiliac?”
“yeah, but sometimes daddy plays with knifes with her. It’s scary, and I got really scared, so I hid under my bed. My daddy’s tires screeched and he drove off, so I guess my mommy chased after him. That’s what she kept screaming before she left.”
“Could your dad have tried to kill your mom?”
“Maybe.. I didn’t want to see anything. I was under my bed.”
I took Laura into her living room. Her mouth dropped. I thought she would have known her living room looked like this. I guess this was her parent’s doing. I walked towards the smashed picture frame. I picked it up to show Laura.
“Are these your parents?”
I pointed to the adults in the picture standing behind her.
“Yeah, they didn’t fight then.. Daddy didn’t beat her either.”
“How did he beat her?”
“He used to cut her with those knives over there. Mommy didn’t want me to know, but I would hide. She would scream so loud. I hope she’s okay. I feel like if Mommy was never here, he would have came after me.”
She began to tear, I felt so bad. I’ve never been in her position, poor thing.
How could you abuse someone like that? Especially your wife. In your wedding, you vow to take care of your wife, not abuse her. But my real question right now is where did the parents go in their cars?

Eric Roberts : October 20th, 2003 : 8:23 PM (..continued)
I have to say I don’t know them, I won’t get any information out of it if I tell the truth. I hate lying, I’m so bad at it.
“No, I don’t know them. I just heard a scream towards Main street a while ago.”
“Oh, alright. Just let me know if you find them familiar.”
A sigh of relief came out of me. I looked around, there were two ambulances, three police cars, and a fire engine. My father would have loved to work on this.
“Officer Chapman? The woman has just died from blood loss. Her husband admitted to cutting her at the house. She has cuts all along her right arm, and left thigh. Doctors have discovered she suffered from hemophilia. The ambulance is taking her now, and you must the husband down town. Is that possible for you?”
“Yes, I’ll talk to you later Eric, nice seeing you.”

Mia Coles : October 20th, 2003 : 10:01 PM
Laura, her stuffed animals and I sat down to a pretend tea party. I figured it could get her mind off of her parents. My cell phone rings obnoxiously - it’s Eric.
“Eric, where the hell have you been?!”
“Don’t worry. I found her parents, they were in the car accident. Her mother suffered from hemophilia. I don’t know what this little girl told you, but her father was very abusive towards her mother.”
“Oh my.. How are we going to tell her?
“I don’t know, just, uh, I’ll be right over.

October 31st, 2008 : 10:15 PM
“Can I just go back to bed? I’ll tell you the rest tomorrow night.”
“No! You can’t just leave it. I want to know what happens to Laura.”
“You’re lucky I don’t have anything to do tomorrow.”

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