Crash (part 1)

April 17, 2010
By Shelby Katis GOLD, Saugus, Massachusetts
Shelby Katis GOLD, Saugus, Massachusetts
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October 31st, 2006 9:33 PM
The rain slams on the window pane, David jerks his head towards his sister.
“Okay Lil, I’m so done with babysitting you tonight, so you’re going to bed.”
“But you have to tell me a story. You know I can’t get to sleep without one”
David gives in to his sister’s desires, slowly walks over to the far end of her bed of her pink room bombarded with butterflies and dolls.
“Once upon a time..”
“Dave! I don’t want a fairy tale, I want a scary story, you know like the movies you watch.”
“Whatever gets you to bed is fine with me.”
He looks around the room, curious as to what tale he can create. He sighs, takes a deep breath, and starts.

Eric Roberts : October 20th, 2003 3:47 PM

I gaze at my bedroom ceiling. I catch it, throw it, catch it, throw it. Ugh, I’m so tired of playing with this stupid hackey sack. If only I had something better to do than sit in my room and gaze at my ceiling while I think about if there’s some chance that she could like me as much as I like her. Something’s tickling my leg. What the hell? Ugh It’s my phone. Maybe it could be..
My mom. My eyes glaze over, as my finger pushes the talk button.
“Honey? A girl called for you, she said her name was Mia. She called to invite you to hang out or something. Maybe you should do something better with your life than play with that stupid hackey sack. I‘m making chicken tonight so don‘t forget to be home by seven. Bye sweetheart!”
I hate when she does that. I mean what’s the point to call your son all these other names that aren’t really his. I mean why can’t she just call me Eric. That’s what she put on my birth certificate, didn’t she? Got to call Mia.
The dial tone roars in my ear. I lower the volume. Don’t you hate that? Anyways, what am I going to say.. Okay, I’ve got it.
“God I love her voice..”
“.. what?”
S***, did I really just say that out loud. Now she’s going to think I’m a..
“You still there?”
“Anyways, want to come over, since its pouring out, and I’m bored, and I want to watch some scary movies. I mean Halloween is right around the corner.”
“Why not? See you in a half an hour.”

Eric Roberts : October 20th, 2003 4:16 PM

My car abruptly stops at 17 Pleasant street. Deep breaths Eric, it’s only a girl. She greets me at the door. Seven is already playing on the television, so we sit down, and watch it. It’s that part when Morgan Freeman is explaining that the murders are dealing with the seven deadly sins. I’ve seen this a million times. I gradually put my arm around her. When it gets there, she gets comfortable putting her head on my chest.
“I swear to god Carl, get the -” a pan clashes, Mia jerks her head towards the kitchen “out of here!”
No interruptions, we’ll just get out of the house. Take a walk or something.
“Want to get out of here, maybe take a drive?”
“Sure, I hate it when my parents fight. I can’t stand it.”
My ignition roars when I turn the key. She’s looking at me. God she’s so beautiful. Okay, focus to the road, you can do this. We turn onto Central street, then Summer. I would have never thought I’d be driving her around like this. I feel tremendous. My hands are clammy so I keep them on the wheel, I hope she isn’t noticing my blushing face.
“Hey sorry about your parents, I wish they didn’t have to fight.”
“Oh, it’s okay, don’t worry about it, happens all the time. No big deal. Whoa, what’s that?”
Probably twenty people were gathered around the site of a huge car accident on main street. I absolutely cannot stand traffic. I hope their alright. Mia peers over my shoulder to see what’s going on.
“Pretty big car accident huh?
“Yeah, I was in one once, me and my mom. She was screaming at me about how I waste my time playing with the stupid hackey sack of mine. She just started screaming so bad that she just didn’t pay attention and rammed into a pole. Luckily I only broke my arm. The doctor said we should have died.”
“Well, I’m glad you survived.”
I love her smile, everything about her. I just hope she feels the same way. I slightly press my foot when the light switches to green.

October 31st, 2006 9:38 PM

It’s still raining, and miserable outside. The smile on Lilly‘s face grows as she realizes the connection between Mia and Eric from the story.
“I really hope they end up being together! Like the prince and the princess. It always happens in stories.”
“Lilly, you wanted a scary story, not a fairy tale.”
“Oh yeah. Well this isn’t scary. Besides, this car accident is dumb. What’s the point to it anyways?”
“Lil, shut up, let me finish. You’ll figure it out”

Mia Coles : October 20th, 2003 : 5:02 PM

The car accident isn’t that exciting to look at. I put more focus on a house near the traffic light. There’s stairs that lead up to it, a sign that says no trespassing. This house looks terrible, broken down. I wonder what happened to it..
This is definitely the best idea that’s ever occurred to me in the past month or so.
“Eric, okay your going to kill me for this but I think I know what we’re going to do tonight.”
“What’s up?”
“See that house?”
“The one that looks like a concrete death trap that probably has some nice creepy dead trees that looks like it just experienced a twister and a fire all at the same time?”
“Yeah, well we’re going to go there, and investigate. That’s really what I want to do for Halloween.”
He is so not doing this, look at him. His eyes glazing over.. He looks nervous already! What a loser.
“You’ll get a little surprise at the end.. Maybe even a- “
“a what?”
“Oh you’ll just have to find out when we get there.”

Eric Roberts : October 20th, 2003 : 5:03 PM

I really like her but, IS SHE OKAY?! I know she’s a thrill seeker, but she could get us killed! I can’t really avoid this whole creepy house thing because I need to impress her. Maybe it’s the only way I CAN impress her, but I’m not sure. All I know is this is a big opportunity, and I can’t miss it for the world.

Mia Coles : October 20th, 2003 : 5:07 PM

I think this is the most excited I’ve been all year. I’m probably the worst thrill seeker you’ve ever met. Honestly, ever since I was little I’ve loved roller coasters, and scary movies, and all that stuff. I’m going to completely investigate through that whole house if it takes me until sunrise. I’ve got my note pad all ready, and my cell phone’s charged, and I have a pocket knife just in case if something goes wrong. I hope Eric’s as excited as I am. Hopefully he understands the whole “surprise” thing, was me giving him a kiss. I mean the kid’s had a crush on me since what, second grade? And hey, the way he was cuddling with me on the couch was sweet. Maybe something could come out of this.

October 31st, 2006 : 9:44 PM
Thunder booms, lightning crackles.
“Where does the scary part come in?”
“Don’t you worry Lilly, it will.”

Eric Roberts : October 20th, 2003 : 7:03 PM
The stairs look so much creepier up close. They’re cracked, and moldy. Its like no one’s been here in years. My knees lock at the bottom of the stairs. I have no intention of going up them.
“Are you coming or not? Don’t be scared. It’s fine!”
Mia grabs my hand, and practically drags me up the stairs. The trees sway back and forth from the strong winds. Wild raccoons make noises around the hill.
“Are you sure you want to do this Mia? We could do much safer things at my house, go back to watching a movie would be nice.”
“Oh, stop being a baby! Man up, will you!?”
I do not want to be here. The stairs end. Before us, is a house, covered in moss and vines. It looks like no one has taken care of it in a few weeks. Tire marks are on the pavement surrounding it. It looks like someone wanted to get the hell out of here. I wonder why..

The author's comments:
This story is told in alternate points of view. The STORY about mia and eric is being told by David to Lilly.

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