April 17, 2010
I open my eyes. Where am i? the room falls somber, for the moonlight is the only glimmer of hope. I lay. I look to my right, nothing. I feel the hairs on my body stand tall, and still. A feeling of exasperation flows within this dark place. I breathe deeper, as I make an attempt to close my eyes until the sun breaks the night sky. I exert all my effort to escape this darkness. I toss, turn, flip. There's no getting comfortable. I don't recognize where I am. I feel an abomination creeping up behind me, touching my back so gently, yet so frighting. I turn over, nothing. Why are they so tricky? Ostensibly, my eyes are precariously manipulated by the darkness. It's taking over. Evil creatures dance maliciously around my room to a frightning lullaby. I need to overcome them. As I try to find reprieve, the negative energy in the room comes closer, and closer. Gradually bordering upon me. It's closing in on me, I can't breathe. My mind, the darkness, and the creatures all meet a dissension. I took a deep breath. I pantomime my fears, telling them I'm not scared. One by one, the creatures, and my fears abate. I turn on my nightlight. This is what happens before I go to bed each night.

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