The Murder

April 13, 2010
By xlittlexAlicex SILVER, Wakonda, South Dakota
xlittlexAlicex SILVER, Wakonda, South Dakota
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The grave yard was quiet... to quiet. The mist is rolling in, the ravens are croaking. He's hear, the murder is hear. I run to hide behind the tombstone of my mother who died when I was nine years old.

I wish my mom was here to protect me from this man that wants me dead. He is the one that killed my mom seven years ago, killed my father yesterday morning. Now me!

I knew I shouldn't have come to the grave yard tonight, but I just wanted to see my mother before my fathers' funeral. This shouldn't be happening.

I can hear the cracking of twigs under running feet. I need to hide. Quick! I duck behind a grave stone. Maybe he won't see me. I was wrong. He is coming towards me! I need to fight him! But how? I have an idea.

When he comes toward me I punch him in the gut. Now knee him in the face! He's down of the floor.

“Grab the knife from him!” I think the police that I called yelled. I grab the knife from him. He's still on the ground.

I stab and kill him. My family has victory!

The author's comments:
My BFF helped with this!!!

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