A Familiar Stranger

April 13, 2010
By xlittlexAlicex SILVER, Wakonda, South Dakota
xlittlexAlicex SILVER, Wakonda, South Dakota
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He's chasing me, wanting to hurt me. I don't even know who he is, he always wears a ski mask. He'd been watching me through my bedroom window and I always wake up screaming because of him. Now its worse. The rest of my family went out of town for the weekend and I'm home alone. There is a thunderstorm outside and I'm scared because of him. Then all of a sudden I hear a tapping at my window and I look and there he is. Then the next second he vanishes and the power goes out and all I hear is the rain pouring down on my roof. “Bang, bang, bang,” at my door. He's back, coming to get me. A deep, raspy voice that is yelling at me when I don't answer the door. I'm hidden in the corner in our family room. Then in the corner of my eyes I could see that he got so angry he kicked the door in. I could see a tall figure at my door and at that instant lightning flashed. I get so scared that I bolt from my hiding spot. He sees me and runs after me. He is fast, all of a sudden he grabs me out of no were. I'm thrashing, trying to get free of his hold. Then he tosses me like a used tissue into the entertainment stand and it breaks. I can faintly see him reach down and pulls something from the inside of its boots. The light glimmers off of it and I can see that it is a knife. I trust my instinct on what to do next and get up. I kick his face and I hear a loud crunch. He stumbles back and holds his nose and I can see blood pouring from it. I can tell its broken. Still holding the knife he thrashes it at me. I quickly jump to the left and he misses, but I felt pain and saw that he cut my shoulder. He tries again and again but keeps missing. All I keep telling myself is to trust my instinct and listen to my heart. Finally I can see him slowing down. He is getting tired, that's good! When he's not looking I sneak to his side and grab the knife. He must be so tired that he doesn't know I took his weapon. Then I sneak behind him and take off his mask, and he turns around. Without seeing his face just yet I stab him right in the left lung. Then I look up and see his face. That black hair and brown eyes, that smooth pale skin, blood running from that perfectly smooth mouth.

That's my ex-boyfriend and I just killed him.

The author's comments:
My BFF thinks this is the best story ive ever writen and she thinks its better that TWILIGHT!!! she believes i can be and author.

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