The Secret Test

April 13, 2010
I thought I was dead meat. This wasn’t the plan. Where did Ashley go? Did she leave me to fend for myself? Talk about being a good friend. But what was I supposed to do now? I knew this was the end.

Hey, I’m Jenna James, Kid Detective. Most people call me J.J.
And I have had an interesting few days. Wednesday of last week, I got an interesting case that I won’t soon forget.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 1:13 P.M.

“Test time! Put all your things away and the only thing I want on your desk is a pencil!” yells Mr. Boyd, my pre- algebra teacher.
I wasn’t happy. I HATED algebra, and I forgot to study this weekend. I was out of luck.

“What? My answer key was just here a minute ago. And the tests! They’re gone!” “Are you sure that you didn’t leave at your desk?” I asked. “Positive.” He replied. I knew instantly that this mystery was the job for me. “Mr. Boyd, I’ll help you find the test. I just need sometime to investigate.”

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 4:15 P.M.
I had asked for our class to stay after-school that day for questioning. My friend Ashley was helping me out. She rarely ever lost an argument and I had a feeling that I would need her.

We gathered the class in Mr. Boyd’s classroom. I asked Mr. Boyd to come with me to the hallway. “Are you sure you brought the test today?” I questioned. “I am absitively-posolutely sure that I brought them. My first three classes took the test. They disappeared your period.”
“Did you lock them somewhere or leave them out in the open?”
He smacks his head. “DOY! I forgot! Someone must have stolen them!”
“That’s why we’re here sir.” Ashley replies. “Don’t worry. We’ll find those tests soon.”

We all went inside and asked if anyone say anything suspicious during passing period. No one says anything. “Okay, does anyone want to volunteer to be the first person to be questioned?” I ask hopeful. Crickets. “You get to leave sooner.” I say. “ME... I’LL GO… ANYTHING TO LEAVE!” I hear people yell. “Whoever gets in the hall first!” I yell. A huge stampede rushes to the door. I could have fun with this. I go to the hall and find everyone there. Gosh. “Okay… If your name starts with an A raise your hand.” I command. One hand goes up. “Okay, you go first. Follow me.” I say.

I take her into an empty classroom. I go sit at a desk and turn on a small lamp.
This is the same situation every single time. After I go through the entire class I had come to a conclusion: the culprit wasn’t in this class. And I wasted 2 hours of my classrooms time. I go in the hallway and see that everyone had left. I check my watch. Dang! I thought. It was 6: 20. I was going to be late for dinner. I ran home just to make it.

Wednesday March 10, 2010 6:59 P.M.

I had run all the way home and barely made it. My family was about to sit at the table when I entered the kitchen. “Jennifer Charlotte James! Where have you been?” my mother yells. I slip into my chair and prepare to tell her. I tell her the whole story during dinner. “Ok, then. If you were helping the teacher.” My mother says finally. “But you should have called! I was worried sick!” “I’m sorry,” I say sheepishly. “I forgot.”
We all finish eating and I go up to my room. Who could have done it? I think as I get ready for bed. But, there was one thing I knew: this was no ordinary mystery.

Thursday March 11, 2010 8:01 A.M.
The next morning, I got to school earlier than usual. I sat down by the door of Mr. Boyd’s classroom. I waited for anyone suspicious to come by and enter the classroom. No one ever comes though. Not even Mr. Boyd! “Hm...” I wonder. “What could have happened to him?” “RING! RING!” The bell goes off. I walk to class quickly, wondering what could have happened to my teacher.

Right before lunch, I went to check if Mr. Boyd was there today. I peer inside and see a sub sitting at the desk instead. I quickly leave before anyone can see me and head to the cafeteria. I look around the room and spot Ashley. I slump down beside her and start nibbling at my sandwich absent mindedly. “Hey, what’s wrong?” she asked when she sees me. “Mr. Boyd isn’t here today. And this mystery is really getting to me. Ashley, I’ve been getting so hung up on it lately, and I’m really confused.” She continues eating, then chews for a moment, swallows, then says, “Why don’t you just stop working on the mystery for a bit? I mean, no use getting so hung up on some stolen test papers, right?”
I’m about to ask her how I could relax and just forget the mystery when something interrupts me. “AH! Someone stole my laptop! It was here a second ago, wasn’t it?”
I look at Ashley. “I don’t think this is the right time for relaxing, Ashley. This mystery is just getting worse and worse.”

Later that day…

The day slumps by, even though my mind was racing at 100 miles an hour. So many questions filled my head. My day was like a page from a Whodunit story. Could this have happened? Or maybe this is what occurred? No, he did it! It was useless. Finally, the last bell rang, freeing me from my thought jungle. Suddenly, a dark shadow moved in front of me. A cold gust of air crept over my skin, forming little goose bumps. A thrill propelled me forward and I found myself in a chase. The shadow was very swift, but not fast enough. I lunged forward. SMACK! “Ow!” a familiar voice yelped. “Ashley? You did it?” I asked, exasperated. “Fine, you caught me! I guess you are as good as everyone says.” She huffed as she talked. “Wait, but…” Then it clicked. Of course! She was so eager to help me, so she wouldn’t be interviewed. And at lunch she wanted me to stop…
“This was a test?” I yell. “Yeah, and quit yelling, or the custodians will call CPS.”
Well, I guess I did solve the mystery myself. Even thought it was a test, another mystery has been solved by Jenna James, Kid Detective!

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