It's Alive

April 12, 2010
By Anonymous

It was a failure. The monster was the product of splicing the genes of humans and some of the most vicious animal predators. The idea was to make a soldier that faster, stronger, and that didn’t have any feelings. It was supposed to look mostly human with vaguely animal features and body type. What was actually grown should have been cancelled immediately, but the higher-ups wanted to see what would happen. I should have stopped it myself. Its skin was mottled, with different sections of its body having the fur or skin of animals. On its arm the thick skin of a shark transitions to the fur of a tiger, with splotches of bear everywhere. Even writing about it brings painful memories back. The fur was still dripping with the solution it was grown in. The worse was its voice, if you could call it a voice. It couldn’t form any words, but sounded mainly human except that all it would do is yell, which that caused the animal in it to be heard. It was a blood-curdling scream that cause shivers no matter how many times you heard it. The government still wanted it to be tested and it passed them all better than expected. It was fast, strong, and fought without ever backing down. The government still decided to cancel the program, because its misshapen claws could have and fire a gun, until the day it escaped its cell. A guard rushed it and shot it four times in the chest then ran when the wounds started to close almost instantaneously. I looked over my notes and found that splicing so many animals and a human together caused the healing effect. After learning of this the government reinstated the program and gave orders to make more, enough for a small army of them. I protested immediately saying it was inhumane, so the cut me loose from the program and put me under house arrest with the promise this if word of it got out I would be killed. Since then the government has used their new “super soldiers” all over the world. Stories have leaked out of those countries of the cruelty of those beasts; of them ripping the arms of grown men and breaking them like toothpicks. I cannot help but think that it is my fault because they are my creation, made by me, from my research. I was right and should have stopped it in the beginning before it got to this.

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