April 15, 2010
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"Help me," I gasped. "Someone, please Help me."
I ran through the dark woods quickly.I couldnt see around me, it was so dark. I was surrounded by eery long trunks, spiralling into canopy of emerald green leaves. Branches scraped my pale skin as i brushed my body against the trunks of tree's too hide my shadow. I was terrified, I couldnt let him see me. My heart thudded like a hammer in my chest. My breath's were quick and uneasy. I stopped at the sound of a crunch, and let my body slide too the ground. My head thudded heavily onto the soft, wet floor, layered in a carpet of brown leaves. I stared into the sky above, dark navy, covered in a blanket of thick black cloud. I could feel the warm, wet tear trickle gently down my flushed cheek. The wolf was coming. He was going too kill me. I knew he was, when he led me too the woods. He tricked me, and i didnt even see it. A wolf, a Werewolf, would send me too my death. I never thought it would be like this. I wanted Jake's Warm hand in mine now. I wanted him too whisper, his deep soft voice into my ear and say, "Your okay, Madison. You will be fine. Im here," But that was impossible. I would never see Jake again. My own stupidity, has lead me too my death.
I heard the howl, then.
That ear sickening, heart stoppening Howl that made me shiver, without being cold. I heard the soft padding of his paws, edging closer toward me. I squeezed mt eyes shut tight, i didnt want too see him. I waited. And Waited. I waited for the ripping. The growls and snarls as he killed me. Sent me plunging too darkness. But it didnt come. Reluctentley, i openend my eyes.
He was there, above me.
His eyes were warm, glowing liquid yellow. His breath made opaque shapes in the cold crisp air, his hazel ruff wet. His ears pricked forwards slightly, and he stared kindly at me. His paw layed just cenimeters from my pale face, bigger. I stopped shaking then. I said goodbye to jake, in my mind.
And then i let myself fall, into that darkness, that darnkess that i had only imagined had ever been possible.

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