April 7, 2010
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It was a dark and stormy night. The wind was howling and branches scraped the windows. Out of the black, there was a scream. “Someone is in trouble,” I thought to myself. There was merely one matter to focus on; go to the scream. As I ran to the scream, I contemplated why would someone be screaming? Is the person in trouble? If he/she were in trouble, what would become of me? WHAT WOULD I DO? I darted up the stairs in my house. My adrenaline kicked in. When I got to the top I heard crackling thunder. The scream had faltered, and then it had expired. Shortly after I heard a cry. It was a very faint cry. Someone besides me was in the house. I listened closely then I pursued the noise. It sounded like a little boy. I really hoped it was. I heard the noise get louder, and then it had stopped. I was in front of a door. Out of curiosity, I opened the door. There was a little youngster in the dark sobbing while wincing in pain. He was bleeding. I see a broken window and blood on it. I can see what had happened. In spite of this, that wasn’t even half of it. I examined the boy’s body. I concluded that he received an immense beating. He yelped in his small voice, “HELP.” Soon afterwards, I noticed a silhouette far out in the distance. It appeared to be a person. That’s peculiar, why would someone be outside in this type of weather? Lightning flashed and broke up the sky. The first flash of light showed a man. It seemed that he was trying to be hidden. The second flash showed him carrying an object. Our eyes met. On the third flash, he directed the object at us. I recognized the thing; it was a gun. He pulled the trigger and a sound blasted through my ears. The bullet made its way through my thick wall and shattered my luxurious vase. I was shocked but I stayed nonchalant. I was lucky that bullet missed me. I was fortunate to be alive. Then I thought to myself, WHERE IS THE KID?! I looked to where I last saw him. He wasn’t there. I was too busy observing this strange dangerous man. As I looked out in the darkness, he was gone. This gave me some time to look for the kid. I turned towards the door and noticed blood on the handle. The kid left the room. I lived in a big house and he was injured; he couldn’t get far. I followed the blood trail he left and it led me to a door. As I opened the door, it shut immediately. Someone was obviously behind the door. Then I hear the kid screaming, crying hectically. I pushed the door open with all my might and I see him lying in a corner of the room. The darkness filled the room. I felt a presence nearby. I tried to calm the kid down but nothing worked. I didn’t think anything would work. However, the kid tried his best to stay calm, now that he considered that he is safe for now. Unexpectedly, he threw an object at me. I caught it in my right hand. The boy said, “Keep it,” in a very frail voice. I was startled, for this youngster just tossed a pistol at me. “Never mind that, I got to get you some Band-aids to cover up that lesion.” I said to the boy. I reached up behind him and opened a secret compartment. There was a hallway that led to a door on the other end. The boy stunned, adventured through this corridor. I followed after him and opened the door. In it was a supply room reserved for emergencies. I placed the gun on a table next to me. I opened the Band-aid cabinet and got out some Peroxide. The kid winced in pain as I rubbed his wound in peroxide. He was relieved when I bandaged him up. Now it was time to look for the mysterious man. As I turned around I was alarmed. The man was right there in the same room as us. It just hit me that I never closed any of the doors that I had opened. As he reached for his gun, I reacted fast. I picked up the gun from the table and pulled the trigger. I wounded the fellow. In an instant, the kid darted out the supply room. Subsequently, the man became unconscious. I reached for the phone and dialed 9-1-1. The police arrived with an ambulance. I carried the man outside and gave him to the hands of the EMT. The man was placed on a gurney and the vehicles drove off. I was left alone in the darkness. I went into the kitchen to get some warm milk before heading upstairs. I, without a doubt needed some rest. As I staggered up the stairs, i said to myself, "What i night". When i entered my bedroom, I collapsed onto my bed; yet I didn't go to sleep yet. Subsequently I fell asleep. The next morning was a nice, clear beautiful day. I could hear the birds singing, kids playing. I made myself some coffee and tried to make sense of what had happened the night before. One thing remained clear; I will never forget that dark and stormy night.

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Blood_Roses said...
Feb. 12, 2011 at 11:23 pm
thats really awesome!! i wish i could write like that!!!
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