Just past the Cerulean Sea

April 7, 2010
By 12surfgirl BRONZE, Caddo Mills, Texas
12surfgirl BRONZE, Caddo Mills, Texas
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A bright cascade of stars filled the night sky as I walked to the effulgent castle that scintillated just past the horizon. It was so beautiful it continued to take my breathe away even though I had been living there for almost a year now. As I walked through the tiny village that was practically swallowed up by the capacious castle that way ahead, I noticed it was unusually quiet and serene. At first, I thought nothing of it, but would later realize that I was mistaken.

I kept walking down the stony path, pondering a memory I had just the day before, when all at once, I saw a shadowy figure flash in the corner of my eye. I was completely alone in the middle of the village square and was absolutely terrified of what would happen if I turned around. Though I lived within the safe walls of the castle. I often ventured out to calm myself down, and make my life seem less sophisticated. Even though I was the Blue Blood (princess) of Kendrick, the commonwealth that was currently ruling all of the land North of the Cerulean Sea, the truth that the guardians tried to shroud from me was not always veiled. Though I had to ask several different people (servants mostly) about the clandestine meetings that the guardians were having behind my back, I eventually found out all of the illegitimate things that were going on in my beloved kingdom.

With my heart almost beating out of my chest I slowly turned around to where I thought I saw the shadowy figure. There, next to the bakery shop I had so come to admire, was a big black door with two Azure flamed torches on either side that I had not noticed before. Without thinking, I carefully walked up to the door and began reaching for the handle that looked like it was made of pure sapphire. When my fingers were no more than an inch away I felt a dagger of pain flash across my body and noticed a slight change in the air before everything went black.

The author's comments:
This is an excerpt from my up and coming book: Just Past the Cerulean Sea. I got the idea when my english teacher gave us an assignment to write about a mysterious door that no one knew about.

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