The School Murder

April 11, 2010
By cecegirl098 BRONZE, Commack, New York
cecegirl098 BRONZE, Commack, New York
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Ring…ring…ring. That is all I heard as I woke up Wednesday morning. I could not believe someone was actually calling us at 6:00 in the morning. Then as I heard the click of the phone as my mother, forcefully hanging up, screamed allowing my brother and I to hear, “You guys have a snow day, no school.” I couldn’t believe it! Commack School District finally had the decency to close school. After the shock of the great news, I finally built up enough energy to get up and take a peak out my window. The white gleaming snow rose about a foot above the ground and it was not stopping yet. The crystal-like snowflakes were still falling ever so gracefully. As I closed my blinds and made my way back to my warm, toasty bed, I knew it was going to be an unforgettable snow day.

After another few hours of sleeping my brother and I began our morning, with no parents home. We ate out breakfast and watched our morning television, but soon realized that the time had come to do what we knew we were trying to put off. Homework. We grabbed our backpacks and headed for the kitchen table, where we unloaded our books and agendas. Though, when I opened my backpack all that I found was my agenda, some pens and an empty water bottle. There were no binders or books in sight. As I thought back to the afternoon the day before I began to realize what had happened. I was so busy trying to catch my bus I had totally forgotten to grab my chemistry as well as my math binder for the homework and studying I was assigned. I felt so helpless; I had no idea what to do. I knew that if I didn’t complete my homework and studying that not only would I fail my tests the following day, but I would also lose points for late homework. After bantering back and forth with ideas on how to get my books, I decided to call my friend, Regina. Regina always knew what to do in the most chaotic of times, and I knew she would have some advice for me. I was right, Regina offered to walk to the school with me in order to retrieve my books. I agreed and began to gather my warmest clothes, for the coldest journey.

The walk went quick since I had company. As we approached the school, the snow began to come down harder and I was so happy we had finally made it to our destination. There were no cars in either of the parking lots and the only light that I was able to see was coming from the main lobby, so we tried those doors first. Ironically those doors were bolted shut and we began to make our way down to the next set of doors. We repeated this pattern until we had found one door open near the C wing. As we stepped inside the school I felt the warm air approach me, and the silent hum of the building surrounded me. We brushed the crystal snow off and started our way down the hall. As we approached the wing in which my locker was located we noticed that there was not a single light on. We both hesitated at the same time, but after a quick glance in each direction we started back down the hallway.

When we approached my locker I grabbed my binder, with a sigh of relief that I had accomplished what I needed to. We began our walk back towards the door where we entered the school. Though a gleam of light caught the corner of my eye. The source of light came from the classroom down the hall, even though there was no sound coming from the room I felt a sudden urge to approach the classroom. “Regina let’s go this way, I want to see why that classroom is the only one with a light on”, I said. We tip toed as quietly as we could with sign of fear written on our faces. After a few seconds of standing outside of the classroom we both began to slowly peek in. The classroom looked like any other classroom with desks, the teacher seat, a smart board and a black closet. Wait, if I could remember all the other classrooms had a tan closet, personally I felt it looked like something that would be in my grandpa’s house but what do I know. I couldn’t quite figure out why this closet was painted black with that Regina whispered, “I think we should go, I am really creped out”. But by the time she finished I was already half way to the closet, I grasped the handle gently and as I counted to three I thrusted the door open. All I was able to see was Mr. Sandler, our janitor, hanging from a hanger, wide-eyed and DEAD!!! All I wanted to do was scream but someone’s hand was forcefully pushing against my mouth. After a minute I was able to gain control of the situation and I took a deep breath through my nose. The hand but have felt the tension begin to relax, because the hand was slowly and carefully lifted from my mouth. I turned around and I thought, or at least I was hoping that it would be Regina’s hand with Regina attached to it. Unfortunately it was not Regina because to my utter dismay Regina Kent my best friend, was laying dead on the floor underneath the doorway. I could not think, speak or even picture what was happening. As I was trying to see who this person was that has killed not only Mr. Sandler, but my best friend as well. I fell to the floor and tried fighting the tears away so that I could see this terrible monster’s face. I tried to make out the face until it finally became clear to me the evil monster of a person that killed these people was………Mrs. Kammerer. She sat at the teacher’s desk smiling as she ate oatmeal. Her freckled face looked as happy and gleaming as ever. As she swallowed the last piece of oatmeal she began to speak. She said, “Well I have to go help my mother in the garden for her 50th birthday present so let’s make this snappy”. With that she threw a dagger through my heart. I was stunned and horrified but after a few seconds I was numb and heartless and then after a few minutes I was dead. The next day the title of the newspaper read “Teacher fights away murderer in attempt to save students, but she was too late”. People believe that the murderer is a stranger on the road, but really it is the teacher that teaches you, the coworker that buy you coffee or the daughter that loves you.

The author's comments:
I really liked writing this piece, it was a lot of fun. My tutor helped me to choose a topic and gave me some great tips.

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