Into the Deep

March 26, 2010
By JessKnight13 GOLD, Memphis, Tennessee
JessKnight13 GOLD, Memphis, Tennessee
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I'm gurgling, gasping for breath. But I waste my time and breath, for I then feel myself sinking helplessly into the deep, dark abyss beneath me. The sparkling emerald green surrounding me becomes darker. The gleaming sun above me grows fainter. I kick and use my arms to try to reach the surface, but to no avail. Suddenly, my throat grows tighter. I stop trying to reach the surface, and, like some kind of animal, I claw at my neck, panicking. One of my nails digs into my skin, and I have to bite my lip hard to keep from opening my mouth and crying out in pain. The sharp pain in my neck turns into a horrible stinging once the water touches it. I see some of the water near to me turn slightly red from the blood I am losing.

I let out a small breath of air, and feel my throat become less tighter. I relax a little, but then I realize that I am running out of air. Then, a thought occurs to me. How much blood am I losing? I lift my hand and touch the gash on my neck tenderly. When I realize the depth of the gash, I am very suprised. Has it been that long since I last cut my nails? I then realize that if I don't get to the surface and gat help, I may bleed to death right there in the middle of the great emerald. I gather courage and strength, then start to kick tentatively. I feel myself rising.

Releived, I crane my neck upwards slightly. This time, the extreme pain overwhelms me and I cry out. But the powerful water gets the best of me, and quickly fills my mouth. I feel it force its way down my throat. I instantly realize I am drowning, and can do nothing about it but wait for it to fill my lungs and kill me. I suprisingly feel little sadness at the thought of dying, but rather feel utter misery when I realize that I'll never again see the sun that I always loved so much. So, I slowly look up, feeling a horrible burning sensation in my chest, and look into the brightness of the sun that I'll never again see. Then, a sharp burst of pain explodes in my chest, and the emerald that surrounds me turns black.

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on Apr. 27 2011 at 10:48 am
TheSilverLaurel GOLD, Goole, Other
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me & my mum were crying at this. great work! :')

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