Spooky Night

March 26, 2010
By billl SILVER, Suffern, New York
billl SILVER, Suffern, New York
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We were terrified. We had no idea what it was. I was at my house with my brother and his friends. We were having a good time and then we decided to go outside and play basketball. We looked across the street and were startled by what was on the other side. Or what appeared to be. We really didn’t know.

We thought we saw something move behind a bush. I saw it first, and then my brother and his friends started to all see it. At that time, I knew what I was seeing was real and was actually there. We all thought it was just an animal or something, so we just kept on playing basketball. I saw it move again, I asked if they all saw it too. They did. We started to freak out at that point. We let go of the idea of what we saw being an animal. We were terrified.

We then saw it again at another bush that was closer. It was getting closer to us. We ran inside and looked out the window upstairs. It was still getting closer. All of a sudden, we saw something start to glow. Right then, we went and locked the doors, windows, and shut the garage. We saw a mysterious shadow where we heard the “thing” in the bushes. The glowing thing was still in my neighbor’s yard.

We decided to play Xbox to get our minds of everything that was going on. It worked for a little. Then we noticed it again. Finally, their parents come to pick them up. The glowing thing and the shadow disappeared. We still never found out what it was.

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