Escaping Detriment

March 5, 2010
By juliannap.327 BRONZE, Hartsdale, New York
juliannap.327 BRONZE, Hartsdale, New York
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With bloodshot eyes and quivering lips, she attempts to lay motionless in the jungle of tall grass that surrounds her. Her heart threatened to break-out of her ribcage. She feared for her life. For weeks she was isolated to a cramped, cold, dark room, lucky to be fed one full meal a day. She struggled to find a way out. Then. one day the chance arrived, and she slipped out the open cellar door and ran; shortly after this she heard his screaming. The only thing she could do was run faster, but with the pool of tears blurring her vision, seeing clearly was a challenge. As she struggled to escape the clutches of this evil mystery man, she absentmindedly tripped over a pulled up tree root. Her bruised ankle wasn’t stable enough to walk on, never mind run. Now her only choice was to find something to hide behind. Luckily, the grass grew to about a foot long, easy enough to lay under and hide behind. She definitely wasn’t about to go back to that place without an attempt at fleeing. Now as she lay ,with only the sound of her heartbeat drumming, she concentrated on being extremely quite. She could hear his boots squishing in the nearby mud, roughly ten yards away. If he walked over to her direction a little more he was sure to find her. As his foot steps got louder, and closer, so did her heartbeat. She could fell the heat flooding to her face as she became more and more terrified. Her whole body was shaking from fear, but she had to hold still. Her hand was over her mouth making an attempt to keep in the whimpers she was making. Tears like fountains, ran down her cheeks freely. In just seconds he would find her and she would be back in the secluded room. All she could do now was hope she wouldn’t have to endure this for long.

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