March 4, 2010
By Bijasterd BRONZE, Falls City, Oregon
Bijasterd BRONZE, Falls City, Oregon
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Love is giving someone the power to break your heart but trusting them not to

Ashlee could smell the stench of burning flesh as she lay in her bed half asleep. Confused about why she smelled this horrible smell she crawled out of bed and walked to her door. She reached for the handle only to feel the sharp sting. “What the hell” she thought. All of a sudden Ashlee’s ears were filled with a heart stopping shriek of pain. It sounded like her mom and dad.

“Mom….. Dad?” she screamed, as she clutched the cross on her neck.

Nothing answered her plea. She decided to try again, squeezing tighter on the cross.

“MOM…..DAD?! HELP ME! I can’t open my door!”
Her demand was answered with silence again. The smoke was gathering in her room, and her crystal eyes were starting to water. She squeezed her cross even tighter now as panic started to creep up on her. It was getting harder and harder to breath, and she couldn’t stop coughing. She tried to scream but the fear got caught in her throat.

Things got worse as orange and yellow flames started to lick her door, tasting the wood, leaving nothing but ash were it had been. The fire was hungry and wanted more. It invaded her room. She only had a few minutes until it would devour her to.

She ran to her window pounding on it, cross still in hand. Her window was too small even for her to crawl through, but maybe she could get someone’s attention. She realized her brother, who she hadn’t seen in months because their parent’s kicked him out, was standing outside her window staring at her with his black eyes. She felt cold. He was wearing his “gay pride” shirt and his-cross still. He smiled the most evil smile. She dropped her cross. The cross left a perfect, bloody indent on her hand. When she looked up, her brother appeared to be standing in flames next to her.

Ashlee’s ears were filled with that horrible screech once more, but louder this time. She could smell that god awful stench again. Ashlee looked at her brother to see him laughing? “Why’s he laughing?” She looked down and saw she was standing in a pool of fire. She took her final look at her brother, his eyes gave her chill. He was satisfied.

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