Uninvited Guests.

March 26, 2010
By Nixii26 BRONZE, East Waterboro, Maine
Nixii26 BRONZE, East Waterboro, Maine
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His heart was pounding. He was sure he had seen the doorknob turn. He was on the staircase, at the very top. His left foot lowered onto the next step, then the other foot on the next. He was heading for the small door. His feet quavered with each step, he was forcing himself down the stairs, why was he so paranoid? He had finally reached the basement floor, letting his socks touch the cold cement sent shivers up and down his spine. He slowly walked towards the door, his hands trembling he reached for the door knob and turned and pulled the door open.

When he opened the door he saw crystal blue lights swirling around with a cool brisk air that surrounded him. It soon made it’s way into the basement, Creeping and covering everything in it’s path. Soon everything was turned a sparkling crystal blue, completely dusted in tiny blue sparkles. It looked like a scene right out of a fairy tale. Yet, something about the light at the back of the closet seemed to be drawing the man closer and closer until, the door shut behind him.

Now everything was dark and turning a deep blood red, Swirling around like fire consuming it’s prey. The man, Justin, tried to turn and run towards the door, but it was locked.

“Let me out of here! Whoa ... Someone! Please help me!” Justin started to scream and bang on the door all he wanted, but no one would hear him he was all alone. The floor was falling in pieces that had no shape until the last piece was the one he was standing on. The floor from under his feet was crumbling, disappearing before his very eyes, until he, himself was plummeting into the darkness.

There was a red glow when he woke up, and his head throbbed with every beat of his heart.

He slowly opened his eyes, taking in his surroundings. He was surrounded by hot rocks and pools of lava. When he looked in the far distance he thought he could see shapes and faces. He quickly stood up turning around in circles wondering where he was and exactly how he’d got there.

“Hello? Can anybody hear me? Is anyone there?” He shouted across the vacant area letting his shouts echo through the hollow stone cavern.

A fierce and raspy voice answered him from behind, “Yes, we are here. You are here, and we sure can hear you. Now, let’s just see something quickly,” The creature was small maybe up to his calf. With long, blue, scrawny, arms that was showing the popping purple veins. It was almost human like, but instead it had two hands for feet as well as hands, both were equipped with long ravenous claws.

Before he could move to try to get away the creature leaped and latched it’s teeth onto the boy’s calf the sharp black teeth into his flesh.

The creature began to pull back until Justin screamed and kicked it in the side off it’s head sending it flying into the lava. The creature hissed and sunk into the lava melting and letting the smell of rotting flesh filled the air. Justin grabbed his leg and crumbled to the ground hoping for the pain to ease. His leg was bleeding immensely and his vision was blurring, he could see people, herds and herds of people coming towards him, the people were red and coming towards him. He felt hands grab him by his feet and his arms, then the temptation of sleep won over him, and he was asleep.

When he awoke he was awake in his bedroom, for a second he thought that the whole experience was a dream. That was before he looked down at his calf muscles and there was a tight bandage around his leg. There was a knock on the door and then three red creatures filled the room. They had skin like humans and wore Indian style like clothes. Some had tusks and other had horns but all were covered in a mixture between scales and skin.

The first one spoke, “We are the leaders of the Nazia tribe. This is our commander of defense, Ikinashu. This over here is our medical expert that helped make your leg better.”
“Hi my name is Drazekai. Nice to meet you.” Drazekai put out his hand gesturing for a hand shake letting his five inch long claws go into full view. Very slowly I grasped his hand and shook firmly, allowing a smile to cross Drazekai’s lips.

When I pulled away the leader introduced himself, “I’m Sarenti, but you can just call me Sar for short.”
“Exactly what do you do again?” I asked questioning
“I am the chief of my village and as so, I must protect them from all threats which may involve you.” At his last words his friendliness went away and was replaced with hostility.
“I’m sure I won’t be a threat to you and you’re people, I don’t even know how I got to your kingdom.”
“As much as that seems to be like a good idea I’m afraid we will have to kill you because we cannot risk the chance of being found out.” All of them began to scoot in closer as I bolted for the door. Soon I was in a full sprint and jumped the whole stair case which made me think, wow Drazekai’s healing methods really worked.

When I turned the corner Sarenti was there glaring at me, “You know Justin, you shouldn’t try to run from us. We are very dangerous.” He appeared behind me and sliced my shoulder blade with long sharp claws. I winced in pain as my hand reached up in time to cover the wound, blood was starting to drip down my back.

“I swear I wont tell, please just let me go. It wasn’t even my fault, you guys came to me. Plus, healed my leg, why would he do that if you were just going to kill me anyway?” I stammered back with each step, blood pulsing and the urge to run growing larger by each passing second.

Sarenti Stepped closer and his head tilted to the side while he was biting his lower lip as if the question I live or die was a mere decision like picking which type of shampoo at the store to buy. He resumed his position “Okay, Justin, I have a deal for you. If you come to live in my world I will let you live, but there will have to be some events that happen in order for you to live down there. If you do not take this deal we will be forced to kill you with deadly force.” His lips turned into a smile a the thought of me dying, I knew if I went with them I’d probably end up being an outcast and get eaten by who knows what was down there.

Not knowing the consequences of my decision I accepted his deal, “Fine I will come with you and your friends, but only if you promise me one thing. If you promise to never step foot on this planet, you or any of your tribe members.”

All hints of the smile left Sarenti’s lips, “Drazekai, will you do the honors.” Drazekai slowly walked up to me and forced my head side ways, by the time I realized what he was doing it was too late. He sunk his sharp teeth into the bulging purple vein in my neck piercing the vein. I started to feel a thick liquid travel through my veins and to my heart it was like trying to pump pudding through a straw.

When Drazekai pulled away I could see the green liquid that was forced into my bloodstream, it coated his teeth. I started to feel light headed and every thing was a blur of spinning colors, that was the last I would ever see of earth.

So as you may have guessed, I lived out the rest of my life in the alien tribe and surprisingly became friends with most of the people. That is until the worse of all things happened, the Nazai was under attack.

The author's comments:
What inspired this piece of writing was an artist named Chris Van Allsburg. His inspiration came from another arist known as Harris Burdick.

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