Happily sad

March 25, 2010

Once upon a time there lived a boy. He had chronic depression, no friends, no confidence, and no life. He was a victim of discrimination and tease, and he was never accepted as one of the normal, for this he had hatred upon the world. He swore on his soul that one day he would give the world a taste of its own poison. Well that fateful day arrived.

The fallen gods saw his potential for evil, to wipe the earth of its filth. They gave him the rights to their god-like abilities. This boy soon realized of his powers. He then began to murder those who he hated most, those who took advantage, killed, stole, teased, hated, loved, and envied. Those who looked down upon his soul, with such confidence, and did not once regret their actions, were murdered mercilessly by this boy. Those who lived happily without sorrow we’re destined to be slayed by him. With control over time, weather, every soul ever created, creation, increation, and universal power, he took his anger, depression, hatred, and loneliness out on the world. This boy had no name, for he believed a title showed weakness, it showed pitiful need for a calling. With his powers he began to become insane, he believed every soul was tainted with sin, and had to be cleansed with the kill. He had murdered his entire family, his friends, his enemies, his most hated, his most loved. He now took joy in doing so. He created comedic death beds to endure his killing spree. After each kill he would laugh until his lungs collapsed. Now that he is one of the gods, no higher power can judge him, he is consequence free. He began to create demon slaves to further more create terror on earth.

After a few centuries, he became more depressed than he has ever been. He felt as if his spine has been peeled from his body, day after day. His conscience wasn’t reacting until; his body noticed the blood raining from the skies. It wasn’t until now that he realized how evil he really was. He realized that what the gods gave him wasn’t a gift, but a curse. The craving for the kill, revenge, hatred, and chaos. He had everything he has ever wanted, control over mankind, and the ability to torture all the ones who hated him. Infinite ability to practically create and increate everything. Though he felt everything had been taken away from him. He became suicidal, he tried all there is, he hung himself, shot himself, cut himself, jumped off the highest cliffs on earth, but he failed, like the dead trying to resurrect themselves. While one of his suicidal attempts was going under way, he noticed a girl, body torn apart, heart in her hand, and blood dripping from her eyes as if they were old pipes. She reassembled her self, with grief of a failed suicide attempt and told him to run, or he would be killed by this monster that was her. He said that if he ran the only thing he’d be running from is a recreation of himself, and that if he escaped, that’d be the best thing that has happened this day.

While this meet was awkward, and fulfilling, meeting another person that has been bestowed this honorary yet rotten gift was mostly terrifying. Though they understood what they wanted the most, they agreed to kill each other to escape this fate of immortality, and if one survived, the other must haunt his/her soul till they eventually passed away. The bloodshed began, they showed their inner most demons, and poured their soulless tears out until they fell out on their skulls. This catastrophic event was a mark in history of the most evil and beautiful onslaught in history. Blood flew in the air, screeches consumed their ears, and their eyes were opened to the passion for suicide and peace each and other had. When they both gave in, they looked in each others eyes, and said that the one thing that they truly wanted (a friend) was what they’re trying to destroy, and both once again agreed on something else. They shall live together, forever with this curse, but to share their sadness, was a gift. To live happily sad, together, killing, avenging, creating what the holy would not, and to use their curse for what it was created for, to banish the sinful with unholy matrimony. In agreement that nothing in their world would make them happy, except themselves. They were named Eternal, and Oblivion.

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