Halloween Night

March 25, 2010
By TiffanyDoheney BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
TiffanyDoheney BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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My name is Nick Wilkson and I lost my sister when ten years old. I am now twenty-two and have been tracking down the monster who took her. Maybe I should start from the beginning of what has put me on this twelve year search.

It was the year 1989 on the holiday I used to love, Halloween. We lived in one of the smallest towns in Texas called Columbus. Our house was in the middle of nowhere with a drive way a mile long. There were cows everywhere in the yard, but the house itself was very old and falling apart, but it still had character.

My sister Nevaeh was only fifteen at the time. We shared a room which was separated down the middle. It was almost a normal day – we woke up at the smell of moms cooking, got dressed in are Halloween costumes, and went down to the kitchen table.

After we ate mom made Nevaeh take me to go trick-or-treating. She argued for awhile, but in the end gave in. While we were walking from house to house we came across the haunted one at the end of the street. I didn’t think it was haunted and neither did Nevaeh so I dared her to go into the house. I knew my sister like the back of my hand and knew she wouldn’t give up a challenge so she took the dare.

. . . .

I slowly walked up the stairs wishing I didn’t take the dare, but I couldn’t let Nick get the satisfaction of me actually being scared to go in, besides I don’t believe in anything being haunted. Once I finally reached the door I didn’t even have a chance to touch the doorknob before it opened by itself. I almost screamed, but I couldn’t because it would give away that I am scared.

Once I got inside of the house I had about one second before the door closed by itself and locked me in there. I was screaming and pulling on the door. I could hear Nick on the other side trying to get me out. The last thing I heard before I slipped and hit my head was Nick start to cry.

I woke up and looked at my watch it was 10:20 pm. I have been knocked out for a few hours. I looked around and noticed that I was no longer near the door. I stood up and saw that it was to dark to see anything. I took a few steps I wish I hadn’t because I fell right into a pool.

This pool was different; it wasn’t normal water because it was thick and sticky. Once I caught a breath I could smell the water. It had a sickening copper smell – It was then I realized it want water, but a pool filled with blood. I started to scream in the middle of the pool which was stupid because I ended up swallowing some of the blood. I swam blind for a couple of minutes till I reached the sides of the pool and pulled myself up.

I was drenched and sticky from head to toe in blood. I was so disgusted that I swallowed some of the blood that I started to throw up. I decided to crawl instead so that I wouldn’t fall in again. That’s when I heard something roll across the floor and hit my foot. I was paralyzed for a little while, but slowly mobbed my hand back and grabbed what was against my foot. I pulled it up real close to my face to see what it was.

I almost screamed with joy – It was a flashlight. I switched it on and looked at everything around me. That’s when it hit me. I wasn’t alone in this house; someone had to roll the flashlight to me. I looked around the room like a frantic cat; I looked at the table, the ceiling, and through the bloody water. Lastly, I looked under the chairs – that’s when I saw her.

She had short red hair that was curled all the way through. She was around six or seven years old and looked like the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Once she realized that I saw her she decided to get out from under the chair and slowly walk over to me. I decided not to move so that I wouldn’t scare her. Once she finally reached me she said that her name was Violet.

I asked her what she was doing in the house and she told me she has been in this house since 1959. I wondered how that was possible since it was 1989. So she told me her story to explain.

“I am in this house because back in 1959 my family bought it. We were so happy for the first few weeks. Then everything changed. My dad got sick and died, and then my mom slit her wrist from being depressed about my dad. Lastly it was my turn to go and I knew my parents weren’t doing this on there own because I could see it in there eyes, they were being possessed, but it was to late to help them and since I figured it out the person who possessed them decided to get rid of me. I tried to escape, but he locked the door – Just like you I hit my head and woke up here. Since I was just a little kid when I fell in the pool I drowned. That pool wasn’t always filled with blood it only turned that color after I died in it.”

I was so confused for a little while, but I decided to ask a question. “How can I get out?”

She thought for a long time the answered my question. “You can’t. He’s going to try and collect you so that he doesn’t have to get weaker. He’s going to do to you what he did to me.”

That’s what really confused me. I didn’t know who she was talking about so I decided to ask. “Who is he?”

“I don’t know who he is, but we call him the Taker.”

I was scared, but I couldn’t help myself from asking. “What do you mean ‘we’?”

“I shouldn’t have told you that.” Violet said. She was so scared, but before I could help her I saw her get pulled away by nothing. The last thing she said before she disappeared was “Help us!”

I tried to run after her, but it was impossible. Now not only do I need to save Violet, but I have to figure out how to get out of this mad house. I ran out of the pool room and came into a hallway with around ten doors. There were so many different sounds in the hall coming from every room. So I decided to go into everyone.

In the first room I saw what happened to Violets dad and she was right he was possessed. The next room was worse. Violets mom came up to me laughing like a lunatic saying that I’m never going to get out and he will take me to – then just like violet told me she cut her wrist. In the third room I saw Violet die which was extremely depressing. I decided that after I go into the fourth room I wouldn’t go into anymore. One I stepped into the fourth room I saw my brother dyeing. I fell to my knees because the person I saw standing above him with a knife was me.

I started to cry – why would I kill my own brother? Then I realized that I wouldn’t hurt him, but the Taker would. So I looked at my eyes to see if I was being possessed and I was. My eyes looked pure evil – they had a red tint to them and were looking at my brother like he was something good to eat. I looked across the room and there was a window. I walked over the scene that was happening on the floor with the fake me and fake brother – over to the window. I looked out through it and saw my brother talking to some cops. Know I knew why he wants me to kill my brother. He wants me to kill him so that no one will know what is happening in here and the only way I can keep Nick safe is by staying inside of this house. I can’t leave till I free everyone the Taker has taken and set them free, but I also have to stop the Taker so he can’t take anyone ever again.

I ran out of the room to looking in the rest of the house. That’s when I heard Violet screaming down stairs. I ran down the stairs nearly killing myself – which is kind of retarded counting on the Taker wants me to die. Once I got down stairs I looked around then heard her scream again. That’s when I saw him – I almost fainted. He was around seven feet tall with glowing red eyes that looked like blood, but he wasn’t hideous like I thought he would be. The reason I almost fainted was because he was gorgeous. How was I supposed to destroy something that when I look at them I adore them? My knees started to quiver and my head started to spin when he looked at me, but I didn’t care I still had to destroy him and even if I can’t I have to weaken him.

He knew my intentions so he decided to compromise with me. “I don’t have to hurt you. You can stay with me in this house and control them with me. I can till you adore me because you haven’t tried to attack me yet. So I’m wondering if you would just like to be with me. ”

He was so seductive and tempting – it was hard to say no, but then I saw Violet and saw the horror in her eyes. When I saw that it made me think clearly. “You can’t fool me. I know your evil and hurting everyone and everything around you. I can’t be with someone who hurts anyone he sees. I’m not scared of you, but I’m horrified by what you have done. Your right I do adore and I can’t help it, but I’m not going to let you win. I am going to get rid of and make sure you can never do this again. I will never let you win as long as I’m alive.”

“But you see Nevaeh you can’t stop me – no one can and I am not letting you go. You’re too distracted by the way I looked you don’t know the truth.” He said looking straight at me with an almost caring face.

“What do you mean I don’t know the truth? I know what you’re doing here is wrong and that’s all that matters.”

“You’re right that’s all that would matter if you believed it. You see my love you and I are meant to be together.”

“That’s where you’re wrong – I will never belong to you. You’re a horrible monster and your time is done in this world.” I screamed it so loud I actually believed myself and stopped falling for him.

That was the last of it and for the final time I looked at my watch. It was midnight – I tried to get out of the house, but the door was still locked. Violet came up behind me.

“I told you will never get out. At midnight the house locks up till next year and you didn’t destroy he’s still in this house, but is hiding.”

“So I’m going to be locked in this house forever aren’t I?” I wasn’t scared, but upset because I am never going to be able to see my brother again or anyone else in my family.

“Anyone who ever comes into this house never gets out – you’ll live here till you stop him. You are the one who is supposed to save us from him.”

“I finally get why everything in this house seemed so familiar. I’m going to stop him and never let this happen again.”

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