Alone In the Dark

March 25, 2010
By OmgItsAlex BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
OmgItsAlex BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Solitarily confined in one acre of land, an unknown beast lays aware. A lonely soul that is full of angst and rage. A desire to get revenge on all humanity and this soul is vicariously waiting for the moment. Many Centuries of suffering and loneliness that is pressurized into one person.

As the Sun rises and falls, time passes by faster than track stars. Somewhere along this distant timeline Billy Patterson wails at the moon, rejecting a new life to begin. Sobbing until his eyes burst, his family is onward to a new city. Along his journey, a plethora of trees pass by, clusters of deer consuming Mother Nature, and lakes as blue as the sky.

An ambient, subtle lifestyle over the horizon and as the Sun rested I have also. I have finally arrived to their destination. As I step outside to bask in the ambience of the new Tennessee air. A paranormal presence I feel, silently watches my existence. The coldest chill down my spine as my arm hairs start to rise. I have Goosebumps, and this beast has an experiment and I’m its guinea pig.

The day is done and as I rest my head on my pillow time remains still. Birds won’t chirp, and leaves won’t bristle with the unforgiving wind. My parents are in their slumber and the door suddenly shuts. As I hear footsteps I hide under my sheets.

I finally have the courage to peek out and see what is haunting me. I see the beast lurking at the side of my bed, silently watching me. I could feel its soul engraving its demon into me. I couldn’t budge an inch at all.

My mother barged into the room and saw me elevated over my bed. The aurora of life was being drained out of me by this beast. I close my eyes and as I make a quick glance at the bedside I see its face, motionless.

The silence was broken as my mom was lunged to the wall and as the door slammed time began to move again.

The author's comments:
I love to write about horror.

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