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March 25, 2010
By giraffegoRAWR BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
giraffegoRAWR BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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‘Dear Stella, I’m in love with you. I think about you everyday, you’re in my dreams, and I can see you so perfectly and clear. I see you every night lying all by yourself in your bed, oh how I wish I could just lay with you and hear you breathing. Don’t be afraid, I would never hurt you my love’. Why do I have to find this today, why now, I really can’t take this today. Where’s Steven… “Hey Stella”. “Thank god you’re here read this”. I hope he can figure this out; I really care for him and don’t want anything bad to happen. “Did you just get this now? I have an idea of who wrote this”. “Who please tell me?” Don’t do anything drastic, please stay out of trouble.

This guy will leave Stella alone, and he has no idea what he is getting himself into. She can’t possibly love this guy can she? “Dude what do you think your doing? Just leave her alone and there will be no problems”. I know he’s going to make up some silly story, she better not have feelings for this loser. ‘She loves me, I love her, there is a strong bond that I feel for her, and you will not get in between us’. “Evan calm down and think what you are saying, she doesn’t even know you wrote the letter, she has no feelings… Hey! Don’t walk away from me.” The jerk thinks he can walk away from me; he will not lay one finer on Stella. She means too much to me. What he doesn’t know is Stella is not going to be in her room tonight. We talked it over, she decided that I should make the first move, and if anything went wrong she would be right around the corner. I had to be the one to go first, she could not get in harms way. I will do anything to protect her.

Why do I have to be catching all the red lights tonight, why are there so many cars around? I just want to get to Stella’s house and get this loser out of the picture. Finally I think this is her street. Oh of course none of the street lamps are on, this is kind of freaking me out. I’m having second thoughts about this now. It’s too late, I have to do this for Stella, I have to.

‘I’ve been waiting for you, I have something special planned out, It will only hurt a little, You’ll be with me for forever.’ “This isn’t Stella, and I have something for you-“. ‘You think she loves you!’ I’ll slice you to pieces. Oh your blood looks so lovely on the pure white carpet. By far I think you have been my most pleasurable victim. You don’t even scream Steven, are you trying to look tough. You’re so tough now; you have no arms, no legs HAH. Run away now, go head try. “Hey Evan how’s this for tough love?” Then she shot me, right in the heart, I never thought this would happen. I had this planned out so differently. Her heart, her love, was going to be with me for forever. I never thought that Steven would be so ignorant to try and stop me.

The fool thought he could get away with murdering my best friend, now he lays cold, lifeless, right along with him. The only thing left to do would be…
“To whoever may have found us. Love is an act of death. The true story is, I loved Steven we loved each other. However my true feelings were in fact for Evan. No one will probably ever understand this, I don’t want anyone to try and understand, but all I ask for is that no one tries to uncover the true story of this. You will never be able to understand love until you have died for it.”

The author's comments:
This story has it all. Love, murder, suicide, stalker, and of course teen age relationship problems.

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